🍀 I would like to introduce to you about CSV which I’ll be working and volunteering for a year(2012) in the UK. I’ll record everything that happen to me during I belong to the CSV. I’m going to start this story from short introduce about CSV company based on facts also include my preparation of participating this project.

“Are you guys ready? LET’S ROLL!!!”


Founded in 1962, CSV is the UK’s leading volunteering and training charity. CSV’s vision is of a society where everyone can participate to build health, enterprising, including communities.

Every year, CSV involves over 150,000 volunteers in high quality opportunities that enrich lives and tackle real need. Between them, they help transform the lives of over 1million people across the UK.

CSV trains over 12,000 young people and adults each year, helping them build the skills and confidence they need to progress to further education or employment or to set up in business.

We are dedicated to building the skills and capacity of the voluntary sector and share almost 50 years of experience and expertise through our professional training and consultancy services.

Our most recent Annual Review (2010/2011) sets out how CSV continues to drive new approaches and use our experience to improve the lives of children and families in need, to enable unemployed young people to get training and skills for employment, and to empower people with disabilities to lead independent lives.

the source of CSV’s website


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