1 DEC 2011. Hang out with the best friend of mine, Da-hye

I met the best friend of mine, Da-hye after a long time. These days, we are both keep ourselves busy with everything, so we couldn’t get together often even though we are very close friend.

After work, I went to a ‘D-CUBE CITY’ which is a Complex Cultural Space consist of Hotel, Department store, Musical theater and Residential spaces located in Shindorim, Seoul. We met there and moved around to window shopping for a short time. And then go to a cafe called “Coffeerang” where she’s one of the favourite place around there.

Caffe Mocha & Mandheling Drip Coffee

I ordered drip coffee made from high quality Indonesia coffee beans ‘Mandheling’ and was aromatic. Da-hye had a cup of Caffe Mocha wanting sweets. This cafe offers very good quality coffee beans, so most of coffee has deep and rich flavour. In addition, I fascinated by the tiny and classical coffee cup :-)

  Eu-jin & Da-hye

We chatted over a cup of coffee and caught up on each other’s recent live for a long time. She was going through very hard time in order to find a job before graduation. She had more worries than I thought and has been suffering from disease during this week. My heart felt like torn when I heard the story of her. But she told me that she seems to overcome the illness completely by seeing me. That makes me so happy and felt again we are indispensable friend :D

Honey Butter Bread

I felt empty in my stomach as we talked a lot. So we decided to grab a bite and ordered ‘Honey Butter Bread’ which is the menu we are both loved. It tastes so sweet that we were as happy as can be.

A lady of great beauty, Da-hye :-)

No lack of happiness, Eu-jin =)

Also I discussed one thing with her regarding a project of CSV. Yesterday, I got a project from UK via email and I had to think it over more seriously before I set up my mind. We always communicate the mutual exchange of advice whenever we have to confront a critical decision. That makes me very comfortable and stable.

Anyway, I hope she can get over recent anxieties as soon as possible and I fully believe bigger things are coming to her very soon.

Alright sweetie, I can do it, You can do it , We can do it :D

Eujin’s review of photos 🐻 
2 December, 2011


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