8 DEC 2011. Having dinner with a university friend, Da-hee

Last thursday, I met Da-hee who is a university friend of mine in a very long time. Due to I was graduated for the first time among the class of 2007, most of classmates are still attending university. Such being the case it’s very difficult to meet them frequently, so this meeting has meaning a lot to me :-)

‘ASHLEY W’ located in Yeok-sam GS Tower 

We’ve planned to go to a salad bar called ‘ASHLEY W’ for some time past. Because they offers limitless wine to customers, so that’s a great thing about this restaurant for someone like me who loves wine so much!
There are four kinds of wine; Dry Wine (Prosecco & Merlot), Sweet Wine (Moscato & Brachato). These are pretty goes well with every cuisine from the salad bar, and the Merlot was the most preferred for me.

Various Salads & A glass of ‘Brachato’

Da-hee and I chatted a lot during the meal. There were too many events and news since we had last seen each other. And it was a really pleasure to hear about many of university classmates and juniors including my professors. Also it made me so happy that I can give some seasonable advice to her before the graduation at university as an old girl of school graduate. haha

Eujin loves wine so much!!!

Cute girl Da-hee><

In the middle of the meal, we contacted from her boyfriend and he wanted to come there if I don’t mind. We have met before several times, so it doesn’t matter at all. After an hour, he arrived there and we enjoyed having dinner continuously with great wine and sweet dessert.

Lovebirds Yeop.J & Dahee.H

Be full of happiness Dahee & Eujin =)

It seems that Dahee and Yeop two are really in love and they look so nice together. I was envious of their love and I felt a necessity to love someone. boohoo:; But I believe one day I will find true love!
Anyway, that day was really meaningful time for me in many ways :-)

Eujin’s review of photos 🐻 

10 December, 2011


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