12 DEC 2011. Celebrating Ga-hui on receiving a wonderful employment opportunity

I’m so proud of you, my dear friend Ga-hui!!!

Last Monday, I met Ga-hui to celebrate her golden opportunity that getting a new job in a big company ‘POSCO P&S’. In these a tight job market, many people are getting a hard time to obtain a position in some company, but she was offered jobs from three companies! What a brilliant lady she is!!!

 A proud friend of mine “Gahui Lim”<3

I couldn’t wait to see her the thought of celebrating as much as I can. Our meeting place was ‘Guro Digital Complex’ in which there’s a fancy restaurant ‘Seven Springs’. This restaurant is located in many areas in Seoul, but she took particular pleasure in this local branch.

‘Seven Springs’ Restaurant located in Guro Digital Complex

We arrived there so early that we had to wait about 30 minutes by the end of break time. We didn’t know that the exact time to reopen in the evening. Anyway it was not that bad because we could talk a lot before having dinner.

Green interior decoration

It’s got a nice decor with green decoration. Eco-friendly atmosphere is a business philosophy of this restaurant and they serves food on a home-made method. In addition all cuisine is made by baking, steaming and boiling with a low sodium. So we can eat very healthy and fresh food and actually it tastes really good! That’s why we love this restaurant and visit there often.

*** Yogurt with muesli ***     *** It’z me, Eujin! ***

I especially like that Yogurt with lots of Muesli, Blueberries and Maple syrup. It’s my own recipe with the ingredients what they serves. I had three cups of yogurt in the middle of having dinner. (Ahaha lol) Actually Gahui also loves that type of yogurt like me. Because we have the same taste in food =)

Next to the charming Christmas tree with Gahui

After dinner, when we came out the restaurant I found that there’s a real charming Christmas tree in the main lobby. I was so excited about it at sight and wanted take a picture with huge joy:D I really really like the Christmas atmosphere in year-end and New Year’s holiday season.
Anyway it was a real happiness with a truly sweet friend Gahui and the things what makes me happy such as fancy restaurant, tasty food and Christmas decorations…

It was a never-to-be-forgotten day!!!

“Our friendship will continue for as long again. 
I sincerely congratulate you on your successful the first start
in your job!”

Eujin’s review of photos 🐻 

14 December, 2011


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