16 DEC 2011. Go on a date with mummy<3

Yesterday, I went to Myeong-dong to pick up a rosary ring on ordered in Catholic Hall. This ring is very meaningful gift from my mum before I go to the UK. It has a lot of deeper wishes from her when I apart from my family.

Rosa’s rosary ring & A statue of the Virgin Mary

After pick it up from the Catholic Hall in Myeong-dong, my mum and I went to California Pizza Kitchen restaurant to have dinner. This place is one of the favourite pizza restaurant when I’ve got a craving for American pizza:-)

California Pizza Kitchen

California Pizza Kitchen in Myeong-dong, Seoul

Yesterday, I had a strong desire to drink wine after a long time so we decided to order a bottle of wine with meal. Here’s house wine is pretty good and a sommelier who is a manager of this branch is really great. He always remembered me and offers very nice service every time I go.

My sweet mummy<3

Lovely daughter, Eujin<3

I ordered a Pear & Gorgonzola Pizza, Spicy Voodoo Vodca Fettuccine Pasta and a bottle of  ‘Santa Helena Cabernet Sauvignon’ Red wine for today’s meal. Actually Pear & Gorgonzola Pizza is kind of Neapolitan pizzas not American pizzas. The pizza is decorated with sweet pear and deep, savory flavour of Gorgonzola Cheese with some fresh vegetables. I can’t forget the fantastic taste!!!

Pear & Gorgonzola Pizza

My mum choice a ‘Spicy Voodoo Vodca Fettuccine’ Pasta use vodca for flavouring in cream sauce. I never experienced that kind of pasta but mummy wanted to try a new menu. It was not that bad but wasn’t my cup of tea.

Spicy Voodoo Vodca Fettuccine

My mum and I like a little wine with these kind of cuisine and it really does improve taste of the food well. We talked about so many things recently and discussed what are we going to do for our trip to the JEJU island on the last week of this month=)

  Wonderful wine/mum

The weather was freezing yesterday, but one-of-a-kind gift, nice food and the world’s greatest my mum warms my heart no matter how chilly it is outside. It was a lovely friday night along with my mummy!:D

I love you so much mama!!!<3

Eujin’s review of photos 🐻 
17 December, 2011


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