23 DEC 2011. The 5th anniversary of VIP

VIP(Sujin Oh, Mihwa Jung, Wonkyeong Jung, Eujin Jeong) has been five years since our meeting was formed. So we’ve planned some fun stuff to celebrate the 5th anniversary of our meeting ; Taking pictures at a studio

Sujin found a ‘Studio RED’ in advance located nearby ‘EWHA WOMANS UNIVERSITY’, Seoul. When we visit the studio two men greeted us kindly. The first impression was nice and I felt the studio’s atmosphere is very comfortable and neat.

We were shooting pictures in playful, smiley poses in front of the camera.

 concept 1.

 concept 2.

 concept 3.

 concept 4.

 concept 5.

 concept 6.

There were a lot of props(fashion accessory) for taking pictures to make interesting scenes. The photographer complimented us on our various expression, poses and a cheerful look:D I thought that reason is we do love taking pictures whenever we get together.

After our shoot, we moved to a pub for the second time to enjoy the special day. And we met a boyfriend of Mihwa for the first time by his fleeting presence. He took flowers to gave us the meaning of celebrating. We had a very jolly time with lots of chatting, sweet cake, beer and the pictures of exquisitely beautiful :-) hehe

 Wonkyeong and I was full of excitement

Wow! It was snowing in great flakes when we out of the pub. We were expecting a white Christmas getting snowed on the road.

 all about joy and fun!!!

We said goodbye, promising to meet again next month ‘The New Year of Dragon’!
I look forward to having a Pajama party at a Hilton hotel next month.
Can’t wait!!!

on the way home with Sujin and Wonkyeong

See u again very soon, sweethearts!!!

Eujin’s review of photos🐻 
25 December, 2011


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