26 DEC 2011. On the first day of the trip to Jeju Island

I’ve got a plan to go on a trip to Jeju Island with my mummy for four days three nights. I would like to make good memories to my mummy before I go to the UK next month.

  Eujin & mummy

Packed our bag with huge pleasure in this morning and left home in a light mood=) We arrived at a Gimpo Airport in advance so I picked up the ticket that I booked on the Internet few weeks ago, and then went to a Lotte Shopping Mall which is a newly established complex shopping mall recently near by airport.

Gimpo Lotte Mall

There were composed of Lotte department store, cinema, Lotte mart, Lotte city hotel etc. on a large scale.

Nagasaki Ramen for lunch

It was for the first time to taste ‘Nagasaki Ramen’ one of the fastest growing a trendy food in Korea. It was not that bad but I prefer Soba or Pasta which noodles have a chewy texture.

In front of the Rudolf decoration with mummy<3 

I was attracted by the glitter of Christmas decoration on the 3rd floor in the Shopping mall. A casual passer-by took a picture for us very kindly. The elderly couple had a very benevolent smile and attitude and that made me so happy before I go on a trip with my mummy:-)

Before board on flight

I always take a picture of airplane before board on my flight.

  My sweet mummy:)

My mummy got stars in her eye because this travel is for the first time in 18 years. I felt sorry when I heard the word from my mum. And I decided to make her blissful for sure during this traveling!


Flying high up in the sky

After arriving at a Jeju International Airport, we met a mutual acquaintance of mine who lives in Jeju Island. We made one another’s acquaintance in the Czech Republic when I attended ‘INAS-FID Global Game 09’ as a volunteer. He is a coach of futsal team for Intellectual Disabilities in Jeju. That sport competition fixed up our relation.

Well-known BBQ restaurant in Jeju City

The restaurant gets very busy and be crowded with lots of people

A chop of meat “Geun-go-gi”

The meat grilled to a beautiful brown. Awesome!!! =)

The meat was char-broiled to perfection and the load of meat grilled set off clouds of aromatic smoke. This taste was vastly admirable/

LIG Building office space <Living Room>

LIG Building office space <Bed Room>

LIG Building office space <A room used as study and parlor>

We are going to stay here at LIG Building Office space for three days two nights. The ambiance is one of warmth and charm. Also spacious space made me comfortable and could be healthful rest.

I hope that I can make nice tour plan for my sweet mummy during this winter holiday.
In happy anticipation of the tomorrow, Good night!

Eujin’s review of photos 🐻 
26 December, 2011 


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