27 DEC 2011. On the second day of the trip to Jeju Island

It is morning, the second day of traveling Jeju Island. I woke up early in the morning even though I went to bed very late last night. My mum and I had a muffin and coffee for breakfast and went on a tour to see Jeju Island. I rent a car and also called a driver for driving and sightseeing.

Disguised to like a Santa at an Eco-park of roe deer 

The driver was chosen ‘Eco-park of roe deer’ as the first destination. There were Ecomuseum of roe deer and living a few of them at a ranch.

I really wanted to raise them at the grounds of my house in the future. The roe deers were so cute and also gentle by nature.

Isn’t it so lovely? They lost my heart to them. SO SWEET!!!

The second destination was a recreational forests called ‘Jeju Forest lodge of seasonable goods’. The road was still blanketed by pure white snow so it presented a grand sight.

I do like arboretum or botanical garden with lots of giant trees. So there was a fantastic place for me personally and also my mummy enjoyed there so much!

The next destination was culture land called ‘The woodcutter and the fairy’. It was composed of creature about seventies retro style so my mummy really liked this attraction:-)

in front of a little cottage 

A Seoul Station of the 70s

My mummy pleased with the find of ‘mom-and-pop store in 70s/80s’

Eujin is selling Ice cream by the name of “ice ke-ki(아이스 케키)”

That is a packed-lunch of former days in 70s/80s/90s

Trace back what she have been today as a piano teacher

That cap is one of a school uniform in those times.

We took a picture afterwards

After we had a lunch called “Bibimbob with bracken, rice”. The bracken is one of the regional specialties in Jeju Island. I’ve never seen that giant bracken before. It was interesting! haha

Solving Mazes with paper of way-finding

After having lunch, we went to a ‘Maze Land’ which is the world largest maze place. There were two kinds of streets that I have to reach the goal.

Maze street made out of stone

She loved Camellia flowers:D

Climbing the top of stone!\o/

Clang! Clang! Ring at the bell

Finally, I found the way out of the maze! I rang at the bell with huge achievement!

Jeong-eup Folk Village

Next, we moved Jeong-eup where the folk village and traditional house has descended up to this day in Jeju Island. It was such a great experience that I could understand the regional features.

The last attraction was the east coast of Jeju called ‘Seob-Ji-Co-Ji’. This place was one of the most interesting and impressive spot when I came here by graduation trip last year.

Taking picture with mummy against the winter sea

I have a dim collection that I went to the winter sea. I have not had the opportunity to go to the winter sea so I felt so excited in that moment!

 Turning back on me, there is a ‘Seongsan Ilchulbong’ in the distance

There’s some sea breeze and I felt a cold a little bit. A warm woollen hat was really useful and it is important to make sure have them when planning a journey in Jeju Island.

I will never forget a day like today forever. So many experiences gave me a lot of impressions plus the importance of nature and the love of great mum. I can’t wait another good and happy anticipations of tomorrow!

Eujin’s review of photos 🐻 
28 December, 2011


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