28 DEC 2011. On the third day of the trip to Jeju Island

The following morning downed bright. Today, we changed our lodgings to The Shilla Jeju Hotel. Late in the morning, I packed up our things as usual before leaving former accommodation then finding and moving to new place to travel.


I booked the Shilla Hotel in Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do in advance. I always stay at the finest hotel for the last accommodation whenever I go traveling. It does not mean ostentatious or high living, it is important to try and learn from experience in various parts of everyday life.

The landscape from the terrace

Sweet room with comfy double beds

Take a short rest

Then my mum and I left the room after unpacked. We hunted for a good place for lunch nearby. There were a lot of local dish restaurant and we just had to choose one among them by our feeling rather than the facts.

A local dish restaurant called ‘e 조은식당’

A bowl of cutlassfish soup

The walls are filled with autographies

The restaurant was very famous place for local dishes in that area. It was nice choice for uncertain entry into an eatery. Mummy really likes cutlassfish originally so she ordered a bowl of cutlassfish soup without hesitation. Also cuisine with cutlassfish is specialty in this restaurant. It was a good taste that I will never forget in the future:D

on the way to the Cheonjeyeon Falls


Cheonjeyeon Falls

with Cheonjeyeon Falls in the background

The Cheonjeyeon Fall is Korea’s Nature Monument number 378 and there’s forming a warm-temperature forest zone all along the falls. I could enjoy the beautiful nature landscape and it was great to feel the fresh air after meal.

In Jeju Island, there are lot of Camellia everywhere

A tangerine orchard

Eujin is picking the tangerine in the farm

Jeju Island make Koreans think of tangerine. This is the representative agricultural products in Jeju and we love the taste of tangerines of Seogwipo, Jeju growth.

On the way back to the hotel, ‘Jung-mun walking street by moonlight’ was made along the road. There was so tranquil and silent that we could fully enjoyed a beautiful sight and fine view:D

As the evening deepened, the Christmas lights are lit and the festive mood of the party was really getting into full swing. Even though the weather was cold, still I had a great time by swimming in the pool and spa. In addition, there was a Finland’s sauna so when I felt much more cold I entered into the sauna and warmed myself up. It was truly a heaven on earth for us!!!

One of the Sommeliers in the event

Tasting wines

The majority of the France’s great wines

Nuts and varied Cheeses

mummy also enjoyed each kinds of wine

One of the hotel events, there was a ‘FRANCE WINERY TOUR’ from 7:00p.m to 11:00p.m in the robby. In fact, that was what I expected most and it was much better than I expected!!!\o/ Wines that I found on the tables were high quality wines from various regions in France. I particularly loved a ‘Trimbach, Riesling’ from Alsace, France and a ‘Taittinger, Demi Sec’ from Champagne, France. Actually, I prefer red wine to white wine and Deme Sec to Brut but it was enough to enjoy with them:D

Tiramisu & New York Cheese cake & Moscato d’Asti

Mummy and I went to the room after the wine event, then I gave a small party for my mum. I wanted to have a nice little chat with the year coming to a close and make a fresh new beginning in the new year, 2012. We stayed talking deep into the night on the last night of the trip:-)

Night night and sweet dreams!!!

Eujin’s review of photos 🐻 
30 December, 2011


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