29 DEC 2011. On the last day of the trip to Jeju Island

Today is the last day in Jeju Island with mummy. I woke up with a splendid ocean view of the city and that made me feel so refreshed this morning:-) Put the pleasure feelings aside for a moment, we went to a restaurant for having breakfast. That’s what I like the most in staying and using of hotel service.

 Home-made Yogurt was amazing!!!

Black Tea with a slice of lemon

Kiwi & Grapefruit & Grapes

I love having continental breakfast at the hotel because I can choose the meal that I want to eat. Also most of the menus on offer for breakfast are pleasant to my taste; variety breads and muffins, morning coffee, omelette, yogurt, various fruit and juice!\o/

After packing our suitcase, mummy and I took some pictures before leaving the room. We’d like to make the moments a memorable experience for us forever. As I notified hotel management of our intention to extend check-out time for an hour, we had some extra time to get ready to leave.

It’s time to check-out

There were another tangerine trees in hotel back yard:D

We were standing on a cliff that overlooked shimmering sea below

Seeing the beautiful winter sea at a ‘Jung-mun’ beach

Wooooooow! My exclamation of delight at the spectacular view went on and on. I really like the scenery of the winter ocean sight. There were lack of opportunities for me to see the winter sea especially with my doting mum<3

The Shilla Jeju Private Beach House

Continuous hotel service was unbeatable. There was a private beach house ownership of THE SHILLA JEJU, we can use the facility as the guest of the hotel. They served a few snacks; tea, tangerine, baked potatoes and provided service for foot bath that is helpful blood circulation. My mummy was particularly impressed by the ‘foot bath’ service from them:-)


Novel gate:D

Limited edition of Jeju Tumbler

After ticketing our return airline ticket, we stayed for a moment at a Starbucks Coffee in Jeju Int’l Airport. This Starbucks is the first Jeju branch and they’ve got some unique decor unlike here in Seoul. The gate was made of traditional door like the picture and that means “open” between citizen of Jeju. Also they are sold tumblers symbolic of Jeju Island in limited edition. There were much to see as a tourist from Seoul. haha

After having dinner with Mr. Choi’s family, the time had come to say goodbye to Jeju Island. We were sorry to have to leave there but ended our travel with a promise to come again in the future. The trip left us with unforgettable memories and I am sure it will remain in my heart forever.

It was a blissful trip for four days and three nights! 
I am fortunate to be blessed with great mum. Love u too mummy!!! 

Eujin’s review of photos 🐻 
2 January, 2012


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