2 JAN 2012, Ladies Party at The Grand Hilton with VIP

A long-awaited New Year has dawned. Celebrating it’s the year of dragon(the year of our birth in 1988) and having a farewell party for me, we’ve planned something special stuff  on this week. VIP(Sujin, Mihwa, Wonkyeong and me) unite yet once more!:D

I booked The Grand Hilton which is located in Hong-eun dong, Seoul and this room was specialized for Ladies party. We were staying at suite A(very commodious room) against our will due to there’s no vacancy at the hotel. Anyway, it was an absolutely great choice!

After unpacking, we snapped some pics and were getting ready to go to the swimming pool. I was fully excited to swim and have fun in the water with friends.


Playing in the water and teaching swimming for Mihwa and Sujin. Ahaha
As a swimming instructor, I gave some tips about backstroke to Mihwa and she did pretty well even it was the first try to swim on her backs:-) Brilliant!


After swimming, we had a light dinner at a restaurant ‘BABALU’ with pizza and glasses of wine. The meal was not really nice but not that bad, just goodish:) Whatever! We could do much more to enjoy and rock on the party in our room:D

Sujin brought a special gift to us for the party tonight!!! So guess what? what is this in the box??? Hee Hee><
I am NOT able to show our pics with the special present, but obviously it was an absolute hell of a party! Never forget the times we had together\o/

OMG! Girls~ 

We had some giddy moments far into the night and we could lay down to rest at dawn. The following morning, we got up rather later and had a continental breakfast at a restaurant in the Grand Hilton. It was another good time with a satisfying meal except, sadly, Mihwa couldn’t eat anything because of her stomach was upset T.T
Now the party is over, but the fun is not. It was a real jam!:D


My valuable friends, VIP! I am really happy to be with you<3
Love you guys, you are my friends none the more! 

Eujin’s review of photos 🐻 
5 January, 2011


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