6 JAN 2012, ‘One Day Two Nights’ at VIVALDI PARK with catholic members(1)

About one month ago, youth catholic members of Kwang-buk Catholic Church have got  planned to go to ‘Hwacheon Sancheoneo Ice Festival’ that catching Sancheoneo by hand, breaking the ice with thickness and above and looking at Sancheoneo in the deep water. This festival is very famous for an unique experience in Gangwon-do, Korea so we’d like to go there together with the meaning of my farewell party. But for some reasons, we had to make arrangements to our plan a little bit and had change of ‘Hwacheon Sancheoneo Ice Festival’ to a sleigh ride at Dae-myeong Vivaldi Resort:-)


Dong Uk, Ji Sun, Dong Kyeong and I went to ‘Lotte Mart’ for food before we leave as an advance team. We’ve got planned to roast pork belly (samgyeopsal) over a hot grill for dinner. So we did grocery shopping with notes of what we need such as pork belly, vegetables, sausages, snacks and beer etc. And we had a light meal like for lunch at D-cube city, Sindorim then our team left Seoul to Gangwon-do. Hooray!!!:D

We stayed on 5th floor, Sono Felice G in hotel-style luxury so the room was very nice beyond our expectation. BUT, it created considerable problems. The problem was we couldn’t cook in the room and there’s no cooking utensils at kitchen. There were just some wine glasses, spoons, forks and an electronic oven. Oh my gosh!!! What about our food stuffs???

Soak rice in water to make the rice from oven


Sizzling Pork Belly(SamGyepSal) @.@

Don’t you know who we are? Korean makes the impossible possible! Of course breaking the rules, it’s not the right thing. But there’s no help for it..T.T Anyway we made the rice from oven by Eun-su’s brilliant idea and roasted pork by using camping equipment baking pan.

During the intermission, some of team members went to the next building ‘VIVALDI RESORT’ to brought extra things and played the game at an amusement arcade. while the remainder of the members are cooking, we enjoyed other things for a very short while:-)

Thankfully, valuable members of our catholic church arranged a good-bye party for me without my knowing anything about at all. I was deeply moved by their truly sweet heart and realized their true love. I couldn’t explain how I felt, but I just feel so happy T.T


After candlelit party, we were engaged in an animated conversation about this and that with beer also we got into teams of two and played game by the Ji-sun’s led. In addition, we went to singing room then two teams made a showdown by singing a song. It was an absolute fun-filled time with all about pleasure and fun! In this way, the first day darkens into night

I could never put into words how I feel about this
I am just thankful again and again 

Eujin’s review of photos 🐻 
9 December, 2012


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