7 JAN 2012, ‘One Day Two Nights’ at VIVALDI PARK with catholic members(2)

The following morning dawned warm and bright. When I went out of the room, Young-gyu was boisterous doing make some food for breakfast in the kitchen. Well, he even wanted to roast pork belly in the morning! God in heaven! I kept him from that roasting meat then we negotiated deals by allowing to roast spam from the oven. Some of the members had rice with spam and side dishes and the others had muffins for breakfast:-)

In the morning, the best is coffee and muffin for sure!\o/

After breakfast, we were busily trying to clean the room and pack our bags for checking out. Then we headed for sledge park in a spirit of jest.

Everybody was in a buoyant spirit:D

How many years had it been since I had taken a sleigh ride! For the first time in years, I could return to the innocence of childhood feeling like a childlike.

Who’s that guy slipping on the ice? Guess what?:D

Eun Su came in first!\o/

We were in a sleigh racing several times and Eun-su was the winner in the last race. On the other hand, Young-gyu was created some difficulties in small things in our race but it made us a present of laughter, except Ji-sun got hurt from slipping on the ice T.T

with charming Dong-kyeong:-)

Cold, innit?

Waiting for other members arrival><

Except for freezing cold, I fully enjoyed the time for a very long time. I am easily affected by the cold, so the severe cold always make me hard to enjoy the winter sports. But I’m trying to fight against it as much as I can, and thankfully many people helped me to overcome my weakness. It is good enough for me:D

The last group shot at the sledge park, Dae-Myeong

Having nice trip with nice people will never put out of my mind, NEVER! How can I ever thank all of you guys? I have no words to thank you enough. Let’s going on another trip next year and I look forward to seeing you guys again in good health. Take care!

Eujin’s review of photos 🐻 
11 January, 2012


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