The first Sunday in Glasgow

The forth day after I came here, the Sunday morning dawned bright. About 11 o’clock in the morning, I was coming down the stairs to meet staffs and tenants. They were busy to prepare meals and Michel asked me to join with them to eat ‘Scottish Breakfast’. I thought they were preparing for lunch, but it was not. On sunday morning, they used to have brunch late in the morning with very greasy food, called Scottish Breakfast, the only things in Scotland.

The Scottish Breakfast

The Scottish Breakfast is sausage, black pudding, haggis, tattie scone and potato waffle. This was the first time I’ve eaten Scotland cuisine. Actually, Haggis and Black pudding tastes a little bit awkward, but not that bad. It was worth it to try to come across new cultures:D

After having a big brunch, I went to a church to attend mass. There’s a Roman Catholic Church near the house called ‘The Lady of Lourdes’. Thanks to Sarah and other staffs I can find appropriate church in here:)

‘The Lady of Lourdes’ catholic church

I was deeply impressed with the first mass in Glasgow even though I couldn’t fully understand what the Priest saying. I hope I can get used to a new language and Scottish accent as quickly as possible. I attended 12:15 p.m mass and it was finished a little after 1 o’clock.

Police Station


On the way to the house, I looked around my neighbourhood the first time I’ve actually seen. The village has a certain charm and it gave me a warm feeling to know. Very near to my house, there is a RANGERS F.C Stadium and yesterday that area was congested with both cars and people due to a soccer match.

Share Scotland West (My house)

Share Scotland West (a front yard)

When I arrived the house, some staffs were having a tea time with very very sweet cake. I tried to have a tasted of it with a cup of black tea, well… it was too much sweet to enjoy the taste. Anyway, I took a short rest with them and prepared to go to the Ivonne’s birthday party!\o/

Eujin’s review of photos ๐Ÿปย 
5 February, 2012


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