Hang out with Kirsty at Hillhead

Today, I’ve got a plan to meet a new friend of mine, Kirsty at Hillhead. Kirsty and I met as it so happened at her company, Glasgow Life. I went there a couple of days ago in order to issue a ‘Young Scot Card’ and she was in reception to help people. She gave me a warm welcome and we had some good chat, waiting for my turn. It has brought us together!:D

Kirsty introduced me a fancy cafe ‘TENDERBOX’. It was pretty good place and they’ve got a nice and cozy decor. I loved how they’ve decorated! The place was quiet busy with lots of people so we had a harder time finding seats>< For the first time after I came here, I could get a fresh ground cup of coffee, not instant. THANKS, Kirsty!

After chatting away with her for a good while, we walked around from place to place. She told me that this neighbourhood is great for shopping and there are lots of pubs and restaurants because it is located close to university. We went to a Boots to get a new perfume for mine(I got a really gorgeous one on her recommendation at a reasonable price!\o/)and dropped by a mobile shop to see what prices of handsets are like.

She also introduce me a ‘UNIVERSITY OF GLASGOW’ the one where she was going to. Each academic buildings, especially the main building looked really classical and beautiful. At first I saw them, I thought that was not a university, it seems like a castle or church. Anyway, thanks to her great guide I was able to had a pleasant experience and lovely time. Honestly, I would be pleased to meet her as a newfound friend here in Glasgow.

Eujin’s review of photos 🐻
11 February, 2012 



  1. Enjoy Glasgow, I do when I am up there…

    1. I am enjoying the new life in Glasgow that I am in very much! Thanks!:-)

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