On Valentine’s Day

About two weeks ago, I arrived at a very different kind of place. But as the clock ticked down, I am getting used to it and I feel more comfortable with Glasgow life. There is a large help of Share’s manager and staffs and my new life is getting better.

On Valentine’s Day, the day get easily affected by the loneliness, Sue who is one of our staffs feels like my mum suggested me to have lunch together before I start my work on the back shift. Sue and I met at the Hillhead station and went to a KELVINGROVE ART GALLERY AND MUSEUM first.

She wanted to show me the wonderful paintings, exhibitions and gorgeous British architectures especially famous thing here in Glasgow. This Gallery and Museum was quite interesting not boring like general museum. Normally when I go to the museums while travelling, I get tired and bored easily because I don’t have deep knowledge of art. But they have lots of large-scale sculptures, exhibitions be allowed touch directly and various kind of arts.

I really liked this place and I think I will probably come to here again frequently when I have time on my side. I didn’t take a photograph in the Scotland History sections but it was the first time I have ever seen and they gave me quite deep impressions.

At lunch time, Sue took me a ‘Cullis Cafe Diner’ located in West End, Partick. It was the first time to eat out after I came here. I mentioned it to her, she laughed and suggested to order what I want to eat:) I had Cheese&Tomato toast with Ham&Lentil soup. I had no idea a bowl of soup was so much, so I felt like I could burst by the time I have done eating. But I ate all because I was hungry since I had a small breakfast. Anyway! it was really nice to be able to spend time with her and I deeply appreciated her plenty of favours.

I am very very grateful, Sue!!!

Eujin’s review of photos 🐻 
15 February, 2012


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