Having a fancy drink with Kirsty

On Friday evening, Kirsty and I had a plan to have a light drink after her work. And there was pleasing news for Kirsty that she get a new job in Korea! It is sort of funny though, I am just come to here in Glasgow and she is just about to leave here and go to the Korea, but I am so happy for her great opportunity.

Today was another day of my first experience going into a pub in Glasgow. I have been looking forward to going there, but I haven’t had a chance yet. She told me that in Buchanan street area which is a central city, there are lots of fancy pub and club even though she doesn’t know much about it. Some of the places, there was a pub called ‘The Libertine’ that she knows of.

I chose a pint of Amstel Beer by a recommendation of bartender. Normally when I enjoy beer in Korea, I always used to having Guinness without hesitation. But I would like to try new thing today so I asked him to give something nice one for me. Probably I would like to keep the Guinness for having the opportunity in Ireland some day in the near future, haha:-)

Kirsty had a glass of rose wine. Also I like wine, no I love wine(:p), but I prefer to enjoy it with some meal. Whatever!=)
It was a lovely time to talking with her about our lives, be focused on working abroad. I think she and I have something in common in some way. I really hope she can pursue her future goal by working in Korea this year.

I wish you best of luck, Kirsty!:)

Eujin’s review of photos 🐻 
17 February, 2012


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