Dinner date with CSV buddies

Yesterday, I met CSV buddies for the first time after I came here. Our regional manager ‘Graham’ introduced her the day I arrived here. Sarah and I have kept up with each other and finally we sorted out a date good for us.

Sarah is working in Alexandria which is just outside Glasgow so she needed to come to here in Glasgow city centre by train. She came with another CSV volunteer Victoria who is working with her in the same area.

We met a Center Station but finding a good restaurant in a new town was very difficult. Because all of us didn’t know well about the area so we decided to go to a pub nearby. There’s a pub called ‘WETHERSPOON’ and many of people packed the place with long the lines to order beer or meals. We ordered a pint of beer at first(I had a pint of TENNENT’S) then chose the menu at the table.

I ordered flatbread with chips for dinner and it tasted pretty good. Normally I enjoy thick chips when I have potato dishes so the meal I’ve ordered was quite pleased and fine. Sarah and Victoria had a burger with cider(kind of beer) and we had one more around after meals under the familiar atmosphere than when we first met each other.

Sarah comes from London and Victoria comes from Newcastle. They live in the same flat now, but Victoria will be leaving the CSV placement in two weeks. I was sorry to have to say goodbye as soon as we met, but I’m optimistic about our chances to meet each other though.
We couldn’t stay long as they had to get to the Alexandria for an hour. But we parted with a promise to meet again soon.

It was a lovely time with the first CSV buddies, Sarah and Victoria:-) See ya!!!

Eujin’s review of photos 🐻
24 February, 2012


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