Spending time with Bongsu in many days

Yesterday, I met a friend of mine Bongsu Choi who I have known in Korea. We met in the process of applying CSV volunteer and he went to the Manchester for his placement a month earlier than me. Last January, he could book a coach ticket very low price and had designed plan to come to here in Glasgow.

He arrived at Buchanan Bus Station at 2.20 p.m (about 10minutes behind scheduleㅋㅋㅋ) and we went to the CAFE NERO for a light lunch. He and I grabbed a bite before getting around to see the City Centre. This Chicken Sandwich and Panettone was great with coffee and the food boosted me up energy:)

THE GALLERY OF MODERN ART is located in the heart of Glasgow, shares with the city centre library. It was free to visit the GoMA and there were public programme such as Artists’ talks, workshops, projects and regular family activities… etc. I particularly liked the exhibition Alan Dimmick: Photographs from the last 15 years of Contemporary Art in Scotland on the 3rd floor and it gave me the interests of contemporary visual arts.

After seeing the Gallery, we went to George Square which is the principal civic square in the city of Glasgow, Scotland. There was ‘the Great City Attractions’ to experience breathtaking 360 panoramic views of the Glasgow city. Bongsu said, just as there are the same City Attractions in the Manchester. It seems that this attraction is one of the tourism in several places in the UK.

We went to a O’neill’s Irish Pub located on the Sauchiehall Street. At first, we started to go to a ‘NICENSLEAZY’ where is one of our staff recommended me before. But unfortunately, they don’t have TENNENT’S Larger. TENNENT’S Larger is Scotland’s best-selling pale lager, and the brewery is situated in the East End of Glasgow, Scotland. So Bongsu wanted to taste of this beer that he has never heard of it in Manchester.

I gave him the ‘Tunnock’s Teacake’ which is a sweet food popular in Scotland. This is consists of a small round shortbread biscuit covered with a dome of Italian meringue, similar to marshmallow. The first time I came here, I had my first taste of this Tunnock’s Teacake as Scotland traditional dessert. That’s why I gave it to him a sort of welcoming gift and sometimes I pretty enjoy it after meal. It was a good thing he also liked it:-)

He ordered Fish and Chips and I ordered Goat Cheese Salad for dinner. Actually, I wanted to have a Nachos but they don’t have ingredients to cook the menu. But I love goat cheese so I was more than pleased with the dish. And the Fish and chips was also nice and fantastic even though fried fish was not my cup of tea so far. I think now I can like it throw away my prescription about fried fish is awful.

Now it’s time to go back to home!!! Normally, I don’t go around late at night whenever I stay or travel abroad. I particularly care about my safety when I’m in abroad. Of course I should be careful in my country. Anyway, I had a great and splendid time with him after a long time. It was pretty neat!:D Thankfully, he saw my home by subway then went to a pre-book hostel located in Queen’s street.

Eujin’s review of photos 🐻
29 February, 2012


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