House for an Art Lover

In Bellahouston Park, there is a gorgeous art gallery called ‘House for an Art Lover’ which is designed by the internationally acclaimed Scottish architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh. ‘House for an Art Lover’ is a charitable company whose primary purpose is the stimulation of public interest in art, design & architecture.

Bongsu and I met again before he go back to the Manchester. I wanted to introduce to him a fancy art gallery designed by famous Scottish architect, Mackintosh, on one of our staff’s recommendation. It’s located in a really lovely park not far from my house so I could go with him before starting work.

This Oval Room is expressed throughout the room incorporating the window as well the fireplace, wall cupboards and the stained glass ceiling light.

This Music Room is an extravaganza in white, rose, violet and green, with metallic silver and gold. In sunshine, the patterns of the window panes create a feast of light and shadow across the carpeted floor.
There’s a piano in the room and it reminded me my mum. My mum was a piano teacher for about 25 years. So most of the memories of my childhood is full of mummy’s piano playing. I was looking at piano, it kept missing her a lot,,,

In this Dinning Room, the carved detail of the fireplace and stencil decoration show alternative versions of Mackintosh’s favourite rose motif which is echoed throughout the room.

The Margaret MacDonald Room provides visitors with a fascinating insight to the creation of the artwork for House for an Art Lover based on Mackintosh’s portfolio of drawings. And the Interpretation Room uses Apple Mac computers to tell the broader history of the House and its designers.

After viewing, we went to the ‘House for an Art Lover cafe’ to have lunch. My manager Sarah have recommended this cafe to me very highly. Like she said, the atmosphere and taste of cuisine was posh and lovely! We ordered 2 courses meal includes starter and main course. I had ‘Fricassee of hot smoked salmon with pickled cucumber and dill crème fraîche’ for starter and ‘Scottish Salmon Steak with mashed potatoes & Spinach’ for main dish with a cup of tea.

During the meal, it put me in mind of my mum once again. Whenever I go to fancy restaurants, especially when I am in abroad far away from her, I always should like to think of her and decide to come again with her. If she can visit here in the summer, I will be sure to go again with my dearest mum:-)

The weather was so lovely that day. After lunch, Bongsu and I had a wander around the park for a while and it made me feel so fresh. Because I really like to stroll in the park with the beautiful sunshine brightly. It was a pleasurable time at House for an Art Lover with a friend of mine, Bongsu. Then we had to return to our respective homes due to the working time was getting close.
I hope he enjoyed his stay in Glasgow very much and look forward to seeing him again in the Manchester sooner or later.

Eujin’s review of photos 🐻 
3 March, 2012


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