The Victorians Rediscovered

On Saturday, another CSV buddy Ian who is at a project some distance from Glasgow came to central city area. He works in Beith where the Glasgow countryside, so here is his nearest town. We set a time and place at noon at a Hillhead subway station.

Before go to the gallery, we went to the Starbucks for a light lunch. I had a Bacon and mushrooms Panini with a grande Caffe Americano. Ian really likes Cappuccino. Therefore, as usual, he had a cup of Cappuccino without fail. It was the second time meeting after see each other, so our conversation was less awkward than the first.

After lunch, Ian and I went to the ‘Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum’ where I had visited before with Sue. Luckily, there was a very grand day out event “THE VICTORIANS REDISCOVERED” on 3rd & 4th March for 2 days. So many of staffs were all dressed in the ‘age of Victorian’ costume and they offered a variety events in the gallery.

On grand floor, there was a ‘Victorian Accessories’ section which is cement my place amongst the fashionable hoi polloi and make my own item of attire. There were many of gorgeous hats and gloves symbolizing the fashion trends of the time. Ian and I tried to wear hats this and that, then finally we took our choice particularly attractive to take a picture. I really wanted the hat, the last one, but it was not able to buy them T.T

One of the events, there was a ‘The Victorian Etiquette Class’. Etiquettes is defined as ‘the code of polite behaviour in society’, so we could brush up our skills by attending this etiquette class. And another one, ‘Thomas Truax’ was one of the most interesting section on the events. Through the invention of one man, the music of many was created. His band of self-made mechanical instruments was so entertaining and delighting.

Ahaha. The figures of face expression were suspended from the ceiling. As our playfulness was aroused, Ian and I had a mischievous look on our face trying to follow the figures. It was so fun and we were able to imitate them quite similar:D
It was such an exciting day and it shows in the photos. I’ve really enjoyed the time I’ve spent with him. Thank you to both Ian and great events!

Eujin’s review of photos 🐻 
4 March, 2012


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