Going to Manchester & Watching Rugby game

16 Mar 2012

Early in the morning, I was get ready to go to the Buchanan Bus Station for my trip to Manchester. I booked a Megabus departing Glasgow at 8.30 AM and arriving Manchester at 1.00 PM.

After many hours of a coach trip, I finally arrived at Manchester Shudehill Interchange Bus Station. Met Bong-su again about two weeks after he came to Glasgow and this time was in Manchester.

We went to Nando’s restaurant to have lunch. The feature of this restaurant was chicken cuisine. That’s why he escorted me to there, because I love chicken! =D

I ordered a Pitta of some kind (Mushroom, Cheese, Chicken…) which is a round pocket bread widely consumed in many Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, and Balkan cuisines. And Bong-su had a half of chicken the specialty of this restaurant. The food was nice and I could enjoy enough my first meal in Manchester:)

After having lunch, went sightseeing the city and looked around to choose Mother’s Day present for his client’s mum. There was a slight different atmosphere between in Glasgow and in Manchester. I felt that people, cars, buses and roads seemed like more busier than here, not very different though.

Then we needed to go to home to prepare to attend a dinning and rugby game. His client, Andrew’s father is a vice-chairman of ‘Salford City Reds’ rugby team. So I was able to receive an invitation to the VIP dining before the game starts.

Arrived at the VIP lounge of stadium, there were Andrew’s father Haword, mother Dolores, sister sammy, her boyfriend Mark, and a team manager’s wife. Greeted each other and had a three-course meal for dinner.

Starter was a bowl of Vegetable soup and the main dish was ‘Guinness braised daube of beef with mashed’. The sauce gravy & red wine on the beef was beautiful and creamy mashed potato was also lovely. Steak was too large of a helping for me, but beef with a glass of red wine was so nice that I could finish my plate =)

Before served a dessert, I was just about to give them a gift that I brought a little one to express my gratitude for their invitation. I prepared a shortbread representing the Scotland. Just at that time, coincidentally, bagpipe player who wearing a kilt (the traditional clothing of Scotland) came into the lounge and played Scottish traditional music! What a creepy coincidence! ahaha

Every member of the family laughed out loud clapping their hands at the event. How can a big surprise that happen!
“Actually, I got him from Scotland. I hope you guys enjoy the performance!=D”
“Oh, my goodness Eujin! What a brilliant and lovely person you are!”
It was an unexpected event actually, it was a surprising event for celebrating the St. Patrick’s Day the following day. Also fortunately, they really liked my gift from Scotland, Yey!!! \o/

The dessert was ‘Cheesecake with Whisky Cream’ and it was really really gorgeous! I have never tried a whisky cheesecake before, but the tastes was indeed amazing.

After a while the dining, the rugby game started with a huge excitement of crowds. This was the first time watching rugby game in my life. Bong-su explained me the rule of the game to help my understanding.

Salford city Reds VS Leeds Rhinos

From VIP seat, I could get the view of the stadium at a glance. The players played the game without any gear on their body. It looked quite dangerous and vigorous. They bumped against body to body and I could hear the sound of their beating. I was pretty shocked by their actions at first, but more I see of the game, the more interesting sport it was.

After the match, there was another event for fans like prize competition in the lounge. And the people enjoyed chatting to each other more with Guinness. Andrew’s member of the family stayed until the end of the event insomuch as his father is a vice-chairman of the team. The lady in the picture is Andrew’s sister, Sammy and she was one of the nicest people I have ever met.

Although there were many things happened for a day, I fully enjoyed everything and had superb experiences with a large help of a friend of mine, Bong-su and his client Andrew’s family members. I greatly appreciate their kind favour that allowed me to have a special experience.

Eujin’s review of photos 🐻 
20 March, 2012


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