Enjoying the sunshine on the Saturday

The weather is so lovely these days in Glasgow. After a long week of work and attend the First Aid training which was pretty tough day for me, I could relieve the stress by spending time with a friend of mine Ian on Saturday afternoon.

The Argyle Street was packed with lots of people. It seemed that the warm sunshine and gentle winds have lured many people to come out and enjoy the beautiful weather. And as always, the people dressed in traditional clothes were performing on the street – it was a sound of bagpipes and drums. Whenever I go to the Argyle Street on the weekend, it always features the lively performances of the traditional music of Scotland.

Ian and I went to CAFE ROUGE, offers inimitable French hospitality and style in over 100 locations across Britain. Ian said he had been there before and suggested me accommodating my tastes. All the menus of the restaurant includes a lot of French favourites. It was hard for me to pick my favourite when choosing among the French cuisines. Because I do love French food, so I liked all the menu they served.

The place was decorated to my taste as well as fancy menus. Furthermore, the chansons were played out from the speakers and that made me feel like I was in France. It has been a long time since I enjoyed French cuisine and atmosphere, so I was really excited =D

I ordered CREVETTES À L’AIL which is King prawns cooked in a chilli and garlic butter with French bread. I didn’t want to choose my meal among the Lunch menu, so ordered separate one and Ian had an omelette among the Prix Fixe set menu. My dish was really gorgeous and one slice of bread and butter from Bretagne reminded me when I stayed in Bretagne, France. Except for peeling the prawns shells, I could enjoyed much better than expected.(but removing their shells made me really annoyed..)

After lunch, Ian and I enjoyed one fine spring day for a short time. The city centre was really busy. It looked that there were thousands of people there-well, hundreds, anyway. I needed to be back to home, because I was on the back-shift from 3.00 pm. I guess Ian stayed there more and enjoyed the sunshine before go back to the Beith. (I know he doesn’t like the town. Ian always says that there is ru… haha)
Anyway, it was good meeting up again with Ian and I was able to work much more fun after that time.

Before heading off to bed, checked and recorded my iPod touch to put the clock forward. From today, the British Summer Time operates!
Night night :-)

Eujin’s review of photos 🐻 
25 March, 2012


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