Day 1: Trip to London

Last Friday, I came down to London for my short foray. I planned to meet a friend of mine, Sung-ji who is an international student at a Chelsea College of Art and Design. Sung-ji and I were planning a London tour during the weekend!
I booked a National Express coach ticket for a great price one month ago, but the big problem was that I had to take a bus for 9hours from Glasgow to London! As I got the ticket at a low price, I had to bear discomfort during the coach journey.

I arrived at the Victoria Coach Station at 6.40 am and needed to wait Sung-ji for an hour. As I took a night bus from Glasgow, got into London quite early in the morning. Went into Starbucks near the Victoria shopping centre and ordered a Pain au chocolat with a Caffe Americano for breakfast. Enjoyed them and phoned my mum in Korea waiting for Sung-ji.

The first place we went to was Camden High Street. Camden Town is a district of Inner London in northwest London. There is a shopping street near to the internationally renowned markets. Sung-ji informed me that this town became an important location during the early development of the railways. So all the shops and markets are strongly associated with alternative culture.

The Stables Market is the largest section of the complex. They have many clothes stalls also the main focus for furniture in the markets – household goods, decorative, etc… And there is a large selection of fast food stalls. Lots of small food markets are serving the local community such as Chinese, Mexican, Italian, Indian and Mediterranean foods,,,

There was a town crier on the street. I can always see the people wearing kilts and carrying bagpipes on their back here in Scotland, but there was a man in different attire holding a bell and flag. It was quite interesting and fresh in my recent memory=) Also a Regent’s Canal was running through the north end of Camden Town. It was a beautiful and peaceful sight.

We were having trouble deciding what to eat for lunch. Because there really were very much of choices among the various food stores. Before having something to eat, we drank a pint of beer to moisten our lips. Then after a long think, we decided that a slice of pizza would be fine for a light lunch on the street. The pizza tasted a bit salty for me but I could enjoy the pleasant atmosphere with the people around me.

The Regent’s Park is one of the Royal Parks of London and contains Regent’s College and the London Zoo. At the zoo, they were having an animal show at that time and I could see a fun animals show over the fence. Many mum and dad had brought their children to show it and all the families looked very happy and enjoyable. In Regent’s Park, many sports were playing on the playground and there was boating on the main lake. I loved the park so much!
After that, Sung-ji and I headed off home located in Wimbledon and I took a rest at the end of a long day.

Eujin’s review of photos 🐻 
18 April, 2012 


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