Day 2: Trip to London

The morning of the second day in London. Sungji and I had a bowl of Weetabix for breakfast and left home early in the morning. Before heading into the city centre(Piccadilly Circus), we looked around and walked to the park near Sungji’s house in Wimbledon.

Sungji’s neighborhoods was absolutely gorgeous and wonderful. The atmosphere was quite different between Glasgow and Wimbledon. I do like my neighborhoods in Glasgow though, a row of neat houses lines the streets with the beautiful grounds and fancy cars in Wimbledon was my wishes I have always dreamed about! I have never seen the people ride horses in the park as usual, but some people were riding horses like an ordinary sort of day. BRILLIANT!!!

When we got into the city centre ‘Piccadilly Circus’, headed off to cafe COSTA first. I had a craving for a big mug of hot coffee because the weather was too chilly and windy>< I felt that London is colder than here in Scotland and my staffs said to me it is very unusual situation. Anyway, ordered a big cup of coffee and Raspberry&Almond Baked to warmed myself up. I love sweet things so hot caffe Americano with sweet Raspberry & Almond Baked cake was heaven!

After a short break, Sungji and I saw the sight of London’s West End in the City of Westminster. Dropped by a ‘Fortnum & Mason’ which is a department store as a grocery store. And looked around international high quality goods such as tea, coffee, honey, jam, chocolate, foie gras and various kinds of foods grocery. Then moved to Convent Garden and enjoyed looking around many shops.

Walked to the Soho Street and Sungji escorted me to the Japanese Restaurant where her one of the favourite place. I did enjoy Japanese food often when I was in Korea, so I was really excited that I could eat them for the first since I came here=) After a long thinking, I have decided to order a bowl of ‘OYAKODONG’ in which chicken, egg, onions and other ingredients are all simmered together in a sauce. It tasted incredible and a big bowl of hot rice boosted my energy in the cold weather.

Sungjin told me that there are lots of fancy sweet bakery and cafe near Soho street and she already knew what a sweet tooth person I am. So she escorted me again to one of the posh dessert cafe “The hummingbird bakery” famous for ‘Red velvet cupcake’. Actually, I am not very keen on cupcakes although I have sweet tooth. Cupcakes doesn’t seem that can be enjoyed for dessert, it just looks like decorative food for me. BUT! I have fallen in love with their Red Velvet cupcake, a deep red sponge and a lovely cream cheese frosting on top of cake ♥

The small famers market was taking place near the Waterloo Station. The market has become with Indian food, tea, coffee, jewellery etc. and an occasional basis not a regular market. It showed that London is one of the multicultural and international city in the world. I could see and experience the cultures from all over the world while travelling in London.

Back to home by train at the Waterloo Station and enjoyed the remaining Red Velvet cupcake which took away from The hummingbird bakery. It had been a quite tiring day because of chilly weather, but the wonderful food for lunch and the lovely cake for dessert were worth doing it definitely! I was really thankful for my friend’s careful attention to showed me the real London focused on my taste. I prefer to experience the general life every day in another part of the city or nation when I travel.
Anyway, it was a short schedule to visit London during the weekend though, I had an incredible and lovely time with Sungji. Thanks again, my friend!

Eujin’s review of photos 🐻 
21 April, 2012 



  1. I can feel Spring in your pictures. It is Awesome!

    Take care!

    1. The sun came out though, the weather was quite chilly! But I fully enjoyed the spring time in London. Hope Chicago is also nice time these days~ Take care, too!

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