CSV meeting in Edinburgh

Last Friday(20/04/12), there was a CSV meeting for volunteers who are working in Scotland. The CSV’s main office is located in Edinburgh, so I was invited to Edinburgh from the regional manager Graham.

Ian and KC who are working in Beith(a small town situated in North Ayrshire, Scotland) as a CSV volunteer came into Glasgow centre to take a train to Edinburgh. There is no train from Beith to Edinburgh, so they needed to stop by in Glasgow and could catch the train. We met at the Queen Street Station about 11.00am then headed off to Edinburgh together.

(Have no pictures T,T)
The meeting was scheduled to start at 1.00pm and it didn’t take too long time for having a meeting actually. A light sandwich lunch was provided and we had spoken each other to know about the projects. After meeting, Graham suggested us to go out to the pub and talked over some drinks.

After Graham left, Ian, KC, Jacob, Rosie and myself went sightseeing the beautiful city. Edinburgh is the capital city of Scotland and is the second largest city in Scotland the next Glasgow. It is only an hour away by train from Glasgow, but the overall mood in the town was quite different from here. It has the feel of a historical and antique town.

It seemed to be that Edinburgh is divided into old town and new town. Some districts are looked very historic and noble, whereas others has an urbane and modern atmosphere. It was wonderful that I could see the whole view of historic cultures coexist with the view of modern cultures.
When we arrived in Edinburgh in the morning, the weather was quite chilly and cloudy but the sun came out during the daytime. However, on the way back to home in the evening, it changed into windy weather and drizzled. Who knows what the wether will be changed in Scotland?? haha

After the sightseeing, we headed straight to the pub ‘KENILLWORTH’. Incessant chatty and walking had worked up our appetite and felt so hungry. Rosie said she has never had Haggis before, so she wanted to try it. Haggis is a traditional Scottish dish which is a kind of savoury pudding containing sheep’s pluck(heart, liver and lungs,,,). @,@ Actually, this is not my cup of tea cause I saw the process of making Haggis on television T.T It tastes not too bad though, I don’t want to think of the animal’s stomach. Anyway, Rosie and KC enjoyed them with MAGNERS and Ian and I ordered Nachos with Strongbow Apple Cider. Jacob wanted to eat Shepherd’s Pie that doesn’t look like pie, just looks like a bowl of meat;; :p
Our constant chatting went on during the meal and we could get to know each other in a more relaxed setting.

After dinner, we hurried a little bit to catch the train before it’s too late. Because we all had to go to the different districts somewhere in Scotland(Glasgow, Beith, Alexandria and Motherwell). Rosie and Jacob headed to the Haymarket Railway Station and Ian, KC and myself went to the Edinburgh Waverley Railway Station. We parted with promise to meet again with a friendly cuddle=)
The buildings were lit up at the close of the day and I was fascinated by the beauty of the sunset. I really liked Edinburgh and would like to visit again in the near future.

Eujin’s notes on the CSV 🐶 
23 April, 2012



  1. Wow. It is Awesome.
    I wanna be Edinburgh too.
    Wonderful. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Yes, Edinburgh is a beautiful city also very historic I think. I recommend you to visit Edinburgh someday, I’m sure you’ll be like there for sure:)

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