Had a grand day out with Michele, Mary and Sheon

Yesterday, I met Sheon who had worked as a CSV volunteer at Share Scotland 7 years ago and she lives in Edinburgh now after she got married to a Scottish man. One of our staffs Michele and Mary are still getting touch with her and Michele planned to introduce her to me from several weeks ago.

About 2.00pm after work, Michele and Mary came down to the house to pick me up and went into the city centre to meet Sheon. Headed to the Braehead for a cup of tea and took our seats at the COSTA cafe with Michele’s generosities toward me=)
I was able to be refreshed for having a nice cup of coffee with beautiful sweet things (Raspberry&Almonds Bake, Chocolate Brownie and Wafer). Bitter Caffe Americano and Chocolate/sweet cakes are always spirit me up. We talked over a tea and spent afternoon time at our leisure.

Before going to dinner, we dropped by the Xscape where is the ultimate family entertainment destination combining ‘real’ snow slopes with urban and lifestyle retailers. Mary wanted to show me an indoor ski slope that she mentioned before when she supervising me. I have never been to indoor real snow slope before, so it was very interesting to me. It was really cold in the slope just like winter, Mary and sheon didn’t want to come into the slope ;)
Except SNO!ZONE, there were lots of places of entertainment such as bars, restaurants, cinema and extreme activities(climb, sky,,,) etc.

After that, we headed to the ALEA where is another place of entertainment located in Quay. There is a Red leaf restaurant that give wonderful views across the Clyde river to famous city landmarks. The place looks very gorgeous and also have private dining room and balcony over the river. They also have an incredible special menus and 2 courses includes a glass of wine or soft drink. It was quite hard to select out of the many and took a long time to decided my mind.
Before serving meals, Sheon took a picture of Michele and me and I really like this photo taken with Michele. (The second funny pic – Michele tickled me,,XD)

Glazed Cairnsmore Goats Cheese for Mary & myself
Crisp Fried Haggis Bon Bons for Michele
Salmon, Crab and Prawn Terrine for Sheon
Smoked Salmon and Braised Leek Linguine in Chive Cream for myself
Fan fried Salmon and Linguine in Basil Pesto for Michele and Sheon
Soy and Honey Roasted Loin of Pork for Mary

All of the cuisine were absolutely BEAUTIFUL! My starter ‘Goats Cheese’ having with red wine was perfect and the wine was really suited to the meal. The main menu ‘Salmon Linguine’ tasted a bit salted for me though, Chive cream sauce was really nice:)

I was so happy that I could enjoy a wonderful dinner, eaten together with extremely nice people Michele, Mary and Sheon. I didn’t know how to express my thanks to them that allowed me to have such a lovely time together. Also Mary and Michele gave me a feeling like family(just like mum, sister, friends,,), because I used to go to nice restaurant and have a fancy food with my mum or close friends when I was in Korea.
Anyway before leaving there, we took some pics out on the balcony and dropped over Michele’s house for a cup of tea.

I will never ever forget the day and look forward to having a nice time together again in the near future. I also give my thanks to Michele for giving me a big nice chocolate eggs and it must be helpful to put my weight on anyway. Half-over of eggs has gone away already,,, I’m a terrible sweet person I think,, @.@

Eujin’s review of photos 🐻 
26 April, 2012



  1. Michele forbes · · Reply

    Brilliant Eujin. This is my favourite blog so far. We all also had a lovely time with you. I was speaking to Sheon this morning and she was saying how nice it was to meet you. We will visit her in Edinburgh when she comes back from Korea. I’m glad you are enjoying the easter egg. Xxx

    1. I’m so happy to hear that you like this post, Michele. I also enjoyed to write down our memories on my blog. Thank you for giving me such a nice memories and I look forward to spending another good time with you tomorrow! See you then, nite nite xxx

  2. The slope is very interesting.
    I don’t know, your photo skill is good or originally there are good to picture.
    Anyway you look so happy. Thank you for sharing.
    You make me holic of England.

    1. Thanks very much for your praise. The beautiful view of the city makes the good picture I think. Hope you can enjoy the Scotland via my blog=)

      1. Yeah. I did it.
        I like your blog when I tired. cause It gave me pretty much encouragement smile.

  3. It was my pleasure to meet you in Glasgow and had good fun together!
    I hope that you put more weight on so that you can survive with your hard work there
    see you soon ^^

    1. It was such a wonderful time, Sheon. I will visit to Edinburgh when you come back from Korea and we can have nice time together again:) Everyone wants me to put my weight on and that makes me eat over and over again, haha. Anyway thanks so much for your kind concern and take care yourself, too. Safe journey!^^

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