Summer Fête at Our Lady of Lourdes

On the noon of the 5th of May, there was a celebration called ‘Fête’ at our Catholic Church. Thankfully, Father. Jary and Eileen invited me to the event and I was able to voluntary work to assist them.
Fête is a kind of celebration and usually outdoor shows held on recreation grounds with a variety of activities. Fêtes are often held yearly by schools and sometimes churches to raise funds.

There were two halls include raffles, toys, wheel of fortunes, bottle stall and home baking. Every church members who works on Fete as a volunteer looked very busy, but they all enjoyed themselves at their position and part. Personally, ‘Raffle’ was the most interesting part among the many events. Raffle is a competition in which people obtain numbered tickets, each ticket having the chance of winning a prize. When I came back to home Sue told me the raffle is a popular game in Britain and is often held to raise funds for a specific charity or event.

I was up to help Eileen in the part of Face Painting & Nail Painting & Tattoos. Actually I am not very good at Face Painting or Nail Painting. So I have been able to help her, in some small way, in Tattoos work. Eileen introduced to me her husband Andy(he was in charge of selling Hotdog), daughter Catriona, cousin Alison and one of our church member Ann. The lovely girl in the third picture is Amy, Ann’s daughter. She was a really adorable little girl and chatter on to me happily about the tattoos. Amy wanted to had a tattoo of Bumble-bee on her hand and gave me a tattoo of Dove on the inside of my wrist=)

Outside of the hall, there was a Bounce House for children. Alison and Catriona were taking care of children playing in the Bounce House. Amy asked me to go into the Bounce House together and I did her a favour readily and played hard with her, haha. It seemed to take on an another duty for me during the fair but I fully enjoyed with great pleasure for Amy:-)
The Fête was finished at 3.00pm, after that, Eileen and I cleaned painting supplies up on the table. I very much appreciated Eileen allowing and inviting me to the great experience. It was such a nice day and I would like to volunteer for our church if there is a special event like this time.

On the way back to home, I walked through the Bellahuston Park, one of my favourite parks near house. The sunshine was warm and I could see the fluffy clouds on the sky. It was such a beautiful and lovely sight though, whereas it made me feel lonely for a while,,, The last picture is giving me much to think and it recalls the song “길(Road)” to my mind.

내가 가는 이 길이 어디로 가는지 어디로 날 

데려가는지 그 곳은 어딘지 알 수 없지만 알 수 없지만
오늘도 난 걸어가고 있네

사람들은 길이 다 정해져 있는지 아니면 자기가
자신의 길을 만들어가는지 알 수 없지만 알 수 없지만
알 수 없지만 이렇게 또 걸어가고 있네

Eujin’s review of photos 🐻 
7 May, 2012 

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