Hanging out with Rosie

On Tuesday, went into downtown to meet Rosie. I had to work on the morning shift till 4.00pm so we arranged to have a dinner date. Rosie and I work at the same support group SHARE SCOTLAND for people with learning and physical disabilities(although we work in other part of Scotland), so it’s quite hard to arrange the same day-off to fit each other. Thankfully, Rosie arranged her schedule to fit my working time and came into Glasgow from Alexandria by train.

When we talked to pick the place for dinner, I was surprised that Rosie likes Sushi and wanted go to Sushi Bar for our tea. I thought a lot of British don’t like Sushi or raw fish because whenever I talk about raw fish, our staffs frowned and said they can’t eat them. Anyway, Rosie and I decided to go to the ‘Yo! Sushi’ which is famous sushi brand in the UK. They delivered food to customers via a conveyor belt travelling and dishes are freshly prepared in the kitchen.

The first dish is ‘Avocado Maki’ made from chopped Avocado and Japanese mayonnaise. When I tired to pick a dish up at first, I was quite confused and unsure what I wanted to eat. I used to go to Sushi Bar often in Korea and the style of serving the food is also similar to Korea though, nothing looked familiar. But I gradually accustomed myself to the ambience of the restaurant, and could enjoy my meal.
The second dish is ‘Kaiso Salad’ which is sesame marinated kaiso (Japanese seaweed) salad with edamame and carrot. I like seaweed but can’t find it at supermarkets. I think it’s unusual ingredients in here.
The last dish is ‘Salmon Selection’ consist of three slices of premium Scottish salmon sashimi, two salmon nigiri and two salmon maki. Wow! It was my favourite dish I have ever eaten since I came here. I love salmon and enjoy all of the salmon dishes, but the Salmon sashimi really is my favourite=)

It was a joyful and satisfying meal. It also changed my bad image of Sushi in Scotland. Because I have eaten Sushi selling TESCO a few weeks ago, but it really was rubbish! At that time, I decided that I won’t eat Sushi here in Scotland again and thought it is not a good idea to try something new. But my thinking has changed now, it would be nice to enjoy Sushi or Sashimi sometimes I really want to have them;)

We have had a plan to see a film ‘The Lucky One’ after dinner, but had some time left before the film starts. So stopped off a Irish Pub ‘molly’ and had a light drink having a good chat again;) Gin and Tonic is one of my faves and Rosie ordered a glass of Vodka Coke. Rosie and I talked a lot and also found a lot of common ground on interests and the way of thinking. Although I still have some difficulties and limitation to express my words when I talk to foreigners, having similar tastes and common ground will help to keep our friendship going I think.
Stayed in the pub about an hour and headed off to the cinema with great expectations. The film was nice and good enough to enjoy. After seeing a film, Rosie went back to Alexandria looking forward to meeting up again this Saturday=)

Eujin’s review of photos 🐻 
10 May, 2012 


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