Meeting up with CSV buddies in Glasgow

Last Saturday(12th May), some of CSV buddies who are working in Scotland came into Glasgow and we met up together. Fortunately, we could make arrangement to meet together on the same day off. We supposed to meet at 12.00 pm and Rosie, Sarah and myself arrived at the meeting place, Hillhead a few minutes early. But the BOYS didn’t. Jakob got half an hour late and Ian was almost an hour late;-(

Anyway, greeted and welcomed each other since we met in Edinburgh a few weeks ago. Went to a cafe to have lunch and I took them to a UNIVERSITY CAFE located near to the University of Glasgow in Hillhead. Because I could remember that Sue had recommended this place to me before, and she said the food they serve is delicious and cheap. The inside of the wee cafe looked really unique and old and all the food was home made. The overall ambience of the place was cozy:)

After lunch, took a walk in the Kelvingrove Park. This park is one of my favourite parks and I wanted to show my friends around there. Was really glad and happy to the fact that I was not alone in my favourite park. Because I was always alone whenever I went there and have wished I could come with someone:-)
There was a wee Ice-cream shop on the street and Rosie wanted to have one. When we went to Edinburgh, couldn’t find the Ice-cream shop and every shop was closed although they have. It was huge pleasure to discover the shop open for business and finally we could obtain the ICE CREAM!lol

When we were enjoying a nice day in the park, it started to rain and we went into the Kelvingrove Art Gallery next to the park. What a Scottish weather!
I was supposed to take them to that Gallery anyway, so just headed off a little earlier that I thought. This was my fifth visit in two months, which says it all that I do like this place, too. There are new exhibits whenever I go and those are new experience and interests for me. That’s why I like this Gallery, not the same as other galleries or museums. My friends also liked and had a great interest in displays.

After that, we went into a pub to take a break for a while. When we tried to find some place to have a drink, Rosie proposed to jump into the ‘Vodka Wodka’ pub, saying that the name is funny;)
I am unfamiliar with vodka actually, so got some recommendations by friends and bartender among a lot of vodka cocktail lists. I have never tried to drink ginger beer, so chose a ‘Moscow Mule’ based Luksusowa Vodka and ginger beer. It tasted a bit spicy though, was not that bad. (But I prefer Gin to Vodka)
We could get enough relax and enjoy the sunshine in a back garden of the pub. I have been thinking that Jakob’s hat looks very antique and I wondered if it has inherited from his family. But he said, it is just a his own hat and the reason why he always wear this hat is, this is all he has. He was so funny, haha=)

Went to Botanic Gardens for our next place, and looked around glasshouses. There were large collection of tropical orchids and extensive tropical plant collections including economic plants in Main Range. When we entered into the glasshouse, it was so humid and warm that we felt like we are in the tropical rainforest;) But it made us quite happy and glad, because the outside weather was so chilly that we complained of the cold at that time. There were so many things to see and we all fully enjoyed them. Had great fun!

Had a dinner at Paperinos and parted in hopes of meeting up again soon. It was such an exciting day and I completed the happy day by stopping off at the Waitrose on my way over:)

Eujin’s review of photos 🐻 
16 May, 2012


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