Having a picnic on a beautiful day in Ayr, Scotland

The fine and sunny weather came back again and we cannot afford to miss the chance to enjoy on a day like this! We’ve got a plan to go to the beach and Michele prepared packed lunch for us in the morning. After breakfast, Laura, Pearl, Yvonne and myself headed off to Ayr, of which it is a town and port in south-west Scotland.

I was really excited about going to the beach for the first time since I came to Scotland. Also the plenty of sunshine day came back again after a long cold and rainy days. When we got into Ayr town, I could feel a difference from Glasgow city and peaceful place with scenic views overlooking Ayr beach. Laura explained to me about that area and said that we can see the greater part of Scotland and Northern Ireland at the coastline. Woooow!!!

We took a walk along the beach for a while and I walked into the sea. Unfortunately, Yvonne and Pearl couldn’t go down to the sandy beach together, so I just paddled in the shallows by myself looking for seashells for them. The sea water was very cold than I thought though, felt very fresh and excited :-)

We took a sunbath and really enjoyed the strong sunshine(although we didn’t have sun bed) with the cool sea breeze. And tried to sang a song for Pearl but Laura and I had no idea of the nursery song’s words, ahaha. We were a bad singers at least for Pearl..T.T But it was such an enjoyable time=)

It’s the much-awaited time to have Lunch!!! I was expecting Michele’s cooking for our packed lunch. Thankfully, Michele cooked our lunch early on in the morning even though she doesn’t like to cook in the morning.(Thanks a lot, Michele!) When we took cutlery and lunch box out of the bag, it felt like I went on a school picnic having a mum’s lunch box. The lunch was so so beautiful! It tasted like Vegetable Risotto and big chunk of courgettes and mushrooms were perfect to my taste;) I finished off the bowl of rice, Yvonne, Pearl and Laura also happily enjoyed their lunch. Thanks very much to Michele for making us great meal. After that, had to came back to home for Yvonne’s next schedule to meet her families. Anyway, all we had a lovely time in the Ayr Beach on such a beautiful day!

Eujin’s notes on the CSV 🐶 
23 May, 2012



  1. Michele forbes · · Reply

    I love this one Eujin, the pictures are beautiful. You all look so happy which is lovely. Xxx

    1. Yes, it was such a BEAUTIFUL day and wish that you were there with us. Looking forward to getting together next time and thanks again for your lovely lunch, Michele!xxx (I’m feeling hungry now…;0)

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