Mini Holiday to Switzerland(1st day)

I’ve got a plan to visit SooHyeon who lives in Zurich, Switzerland and I could arrange my working time on my three days-off in a row. There’s no direct Airline from Glasgow to Zurich, so I had to choose to fly via Dublin. Although there is a long stopover time at Dublin Airport, this is the cheapest way to go to Switzerland. The Ryanair flight was scheduled to leave at 7.45am from Glasgow to Dublin, and had to catch the bus to the Prestwick Airport at 4.30 in the morning! I left home and took a taxi to the Buchanan Bus Station by the help of Angel(our night shift staff). Was able to got to the bus station with a plenty of time, BUT waited for over an hour due to the bus broken down@.@

Fortunately, the bus finally arrived at 5.40 am(it supposed to be arrived at 4.30 amT.T) and could get to the Glasgow Prestwick Airport in good time to checked in for my flight. During waiting boarding time in the lounge, I saw something very uncommon sight. There was a pub and the people drunk beer at the crack of dawn! How is that possible? Drinking beer at seven in the morning???

Actually, I was a little concerned about using a budget airline for the first time. Instead of the low-cost, they have a lot of restrictions when we use the airline. When I had security check, the custom officer searched my luggage and my body very strictly and could successfully pass through it without any problems, hooray! Let’s fly to Dublin!

Here is Dublin International Airport. When I went through an immigration checkpoint, the immigration officer asked me how long I am staying here, and I said will be staying for just 6 or 7 hours and away to Switzerland. He looked very surprised and asked me again am I really going to fly away without looking around Dublin. Unfortunately, I said Yes. But said that I will visit again someday in the near future for the trip to Dublin;)

Have to wait my next flight for 7 hours at the airport T.T But it is good thing that I can stay in the VIP Lounge with my Priority Pass card. Came through the security check again as quickly as possible(because I was starving,,,), and looked for the location where the DAA AIRPORT LOUNGE is. Looks more small than Dubai’s, but is very quite and calm.

I didn’t have anything from 3.00 in the morning, so felt so starving. Enjoyed Cheese&Strawberry Jam Toastie with fruits for breakfast and am having a cup of coffee & biscuits now while I do a post on my blog:) Thankfully, despite they have time limit of three hours for using a lounge, they allowed me to stay longer before my boarding time in the afternoon. But I’m running out of batteries for my MacBook so am thinking about just take a rest for an hour or two.

Eujin’s review of photos 🐻 
25 May 2012



  1. Jaeyoun · · Reply

    coffee & biscuit !! make me starvingT^T

    1. Why are you always feeling hungry every time you look at my pics?ㅋㅋㅋ Don’t skip meals and eat well, Jaeyoun!

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