Mini Holiday to Switzerland(2nd day)

The day after I arrived here in Zurich, Soohyeon and I went out to City centre for sightseeing. Before we toured city, had looked after some other matters for Soohyeon and had planned our day.

After dropped by real estate office for her business, looked for a restaurant ‘HILTL’ for our lunch. Soohyeon and I had searched direction to go to the restaurant before left home. But we lost sense of direction and missed our way by being around near the restaurant. Wandered around streets about half an hour, we finally could find the place and alike her and I were exhausted a little bit.

Soohyeon took me a posh Restaurant & Bar called ‘HILTL’. Haus Hiltl is still Europe’s oldest vegetarian restaurant and was established in 1898. For over 100 years, it has been a place to enjoy and to savour and still very famous for tourists as well as the local people. They serve a brunch with an extensive buffet so we can put food on a plate and the price paid per weight. A variety of food was really fresh, nice and stimulated my appetite. Soohyeon and I happily enjoyed a big plate of beautiful food and it boosted our energy for our schedule in the afternoon.

After an enjoyable lunch time, Soohyeon and I walked through the streets of downtown Zurich. The weather was very warm and plenty of sunshine made me so excited and happy! The city of Zurich looked like an old-world and antique than I first thought. Because I thought Zurich is more closely to large urban city as the tourism centre of the Switzerland. But a lot of fancy shops and posh chocolate places are showed a modern and high images in a way.

Wooooooow! This view of the River Zurich became one of my favourite spots in downtown Zurich. I was fascinated by a stunning view of the river and my exclamations of delight went on and on. Moreover the water was so clean that I could see the bottom of the river. Amazing!
When we strolled along the river, ran into Soohyeon’s friends there. They were enjoying the lovely sunshine drinking beer on the riverbank. Soohyeon introduced me to them and talked a little time sitting around together. And decided to go to Soohyeon’s house together and her friends said that they would be making Korean dishes for us. Yay!!!=)

We had a glass of wine and Gruyere cheese as an Aperitif waiting for dinner. A new bottle of wine ‘Santa Maria’ tasted really beautiful so balance of this wine and one of my favourite cheeses ‘Gruyere’ was fantastic!
This sure was a great dinner for me at least. Because this was the first time to have proper cooked Korean dishes since I leaving Korea about 4months ago. The food has been put on the table with a Korea traditional soup called ‘Doenjan Guk’, traditional side dishes called ‘Sesame leaf Kimchi’, a traditional paste called ‘Ssamjang’ and a traditional meat dish called ‘Suyuk'(boiled pork). The main dish ‘Suyuk’ was absolutely delicious and it feels like they are professional cooks, Korean food.
All we had a wonderful dinner and talked deep into the night with great pleasure. I really would like to express my gratitude to them for a great evening.

Eujin’s review of photos 🐻 
31 May, 2012


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