Mini Holiday to Switzerland(3rd day)

In the morning, Soohyeon and I had a toast & a big mug of coffee for breakfast. She also needs the caffeine to help her wake up in the morning just like me, so we made a big pot of fresh brewed coffee and it was a great help to woke me up that morning;)

Soohyeon and I’ve got a plan to had a picnic to the park, because the weather was amazing again on that day. We decided to make sandwiches one each for each other’s lunch and it was a competition between us. I chose baguette for bread and an avocado, tomatoes, cucumbers and ham for sandwich fillings. Avocado is one of my favourite ingredients when I make sandwiches. It tastes very creamy and buttery like cheese or butter, so I love to use it for fillings in the sarnie. Fingers crossed for Eujin! Yay~

Soohyeon and I headed off to Hardbrücke which is located one station away from her house by train. This area is Soohyeon’s one of the favourite places in Zurich and was wanting to show me the Viadukt which is a bridge, and is divided from constructional point of view together with bridges in the same categories. Also there was a small park where we can have our competition sandwiches for lunch;)

I was captivated by lovely and peaceful view as soon as I saw the park. It was not a large park though, the atmosphere was so leisurely and friendly that made me feel at home. Moreover, our home-made sandwiches were absolutely delicious so we extremely enjoyed them. Although Soohyeon had told me that mine was better than her chicken one, but I really enjoyed her sandwich and finished off everything;)

After having lunch, read a book lying on the grass under the lovely sunshine. More and more people gathered around and the park was full of happy people, especially many families. Soohyeon and I looked at babies and children playing happily in the park. It was such a beautiful moment!

When we came back to home, we felt very warm and a bit tired so took a break for a while having a cold beer and mango before starting to prepare a home party. Soohyeon has a lovely wee terrace in her house and this place is very good for having a barbecue party or taking a rest in fair weather:)
After a little chat with her, we prepared for the party with zeal. The menu was ‘Raclette’ which is both a type of cheese and a Swiss dish based on heating the cheese and scraping off the melted part. This is one of my favourite cheese dishes so I was really looking forward to having them for quite a while.

The Raclette was beautiful and it reminded me a lot when I have eaten this dish for the first time 4years ago in France. I think those are still very pleasant memories for me now to think and remind at that time so far. Anyway, I felt bloated after the huge meal Soohyeon and I’ve served.
After dinner, we all went out to the terrace and enjoyed more rest of the time together. In addition, that day was the soohyeon & JC’s 1st Wedding Anniversary so we congratulated her with my small gift from Scotland. I have brought some chocolates, biscuits and a card for their wedding anniversary present and Tunnock’s teacakes acted as an excellent cake for celebrating her event. By the time the evening ended, Soohyeon’s friends headed back their home with a promise to see each other again. It was such a lovely night!:-)

Eujin’s review of photos 🐻 
3 June, 2012


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