Mini Holiday to Switzerland(4th day)

Was the last day of Zurich. In the morning, another gloriously sunny day greeted us. Our plan was touring around the city where we haven’t seen before. Soohyeon and I got up early in the morning to got ready to go out.

Before meeting Dr. Woo who is soohyeon’s acquaintance in her lab at the University, we walked along the River Zurich. The streets were quiet at that time and there were some of sightseer in sight like us.

I made some sandwiches for our lunch in the morning, and soohyeon and I had them on the Lindenhof hill where a public square in the historic centre of Zurich, Switzerland. My sandwiches were not bad – not good- but not bad.. Just enjoyed as a home-made healthy food and I thought I’ve still got much more learning to cook, haha:p
On the hill, we can see a beautiful view of the city of Zurich from there and it was absolutely stunning. It also serves as an exceptionally citizen-friendly area of public life and open-air relaxation for visitors.

After having lunch, headed off to a cafe to have a nice cup of coffee. The CAFE WUHRE was located on the river Zurich and we sat outside the cafe, watching the people and looking at the beautiful view of the river. Look at a cup of cappuccino with thick froth on top! I’ve never seen that such a big and thick froth milk on the cappuccino:p Amazing! Coffee was very aromatic and it was a real nice time for relaxation in the middle of the day. Heaven!

There was the old town and it has a collection of shops, cafes, churches and houses. The old town was full of colour and attractions, it excited my interests a lot. There was something charmingly old-fashioned atmosphere with the antiques shops, boutiques and cafes. We felt thirsty and a bit tired from walking so much. Went into a cafe to take a wee bit rest and I ordered a scoop of lime sorbet. Chocolate and Vanilla ice-cream is my favourite though, craved for something refreshing at that moment due to the hot weather. Lime sorbet was a successful choice and elevated my moods and energy;)

Walked along the riverside again although the strong sunshine caused skin sores on my shoulders. I have sun allergy on my skin, especially on face, so it’s very hard to be exposed to the sun whenever I go outsideT.T But even though I might be having sore skin, didn’t want to miss out on all funs on a lovely warm sunny day.

The last place to tour Zurich on that day was the Dolder recreation area. Took the Dolderbahn car which is a long rack railway in the Swiss city of Zurich. I’ve heard about rack railway system before, but this was the first one I’ve ever taken on the train. Was so excited to finally get on the train and enjoyed the picturesque scenery from the windows while the train climbed up into the upper terminus at Bergstation Dolderbahn. There was a ‘The Dolder Grand’ which is a 5 star superior hotel in Zurich. Looked very luxurious and could see a magnificent the view of the city of Zurich, lake and the Alps in its neighboring area. Was a just magnificent sight that is incomparable to any other!

Was such a wonderful day and I couldn’t believe that this was the last day for four days in Zurich. Soohyeon gave me such an amazing opportunity to see a wonderful city Zurich and it was definitely a huge pleasure to be there as her friend. Really look forward to meeting Soohyeon and JC together next time and would like to thank my friend Soohyeon and all of her friends we met together. Thanks you everyone, see you later!

Eujin’s review of photos 🐻 
6 June, 2012


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