The Diamond Jubilee Party

Last Friday, our Share Scotland staffs and tenants had a party for celebrating the Diamond Jubilee. I had worked on the early shift and joined to the party after finished my work. Changed my clothes into a Queen’s Diamond Jubilee T-shirt which Louise has given me that morning.

Sue and Mark came to work with something special clothes to celebrate the Jubilee day symbolizing the Union Jack. And Judy, Pearl, Yvonne and Allan also got switched the T-shirts into red and blue one. Sue prepared for the party by decorating dining room with the Union Jack plates, table napkins(printed pounds) and crowns.

Judy, Allan, Yvonne, Pearl and Alex looked very happy for having a party. And they had their own crown which had made it by themselves in the Arts class. Cool~ I love their big smile:)

Mark made the special dessert ‘Eton mess’ which is a traditional English dessert consisting of a mixture of many types of berries, pieces of meringue and cream. Mark is known as good at baking, so I had a greater expectation of his Eton mess! I set the table and helped them while preparing dinner and dessert.

The Jubilee Party’s menu consisted of Steak pie, Bangers(Sausages), Roasted Potatoes, Potato Croquetts and Mixed Vegetables with a gravy sauce. Was very traditional dish and a large portion of food to be passed me by Sue. This portion was too much for me but I’m well aware that Sue always wants me to eat well. So I finished off my dish and felt bloated after the huge meal I’ve served;)

After a nice dinner, the lovely dessert was served. The Apple pie was just heated in the oven and Sue made traditional scones with jam and clotted cream. Here’s an another great big plate of desserts! But all of these are the things which I really love, so I couldn’t say “No, thank you” to Sue… haha;) And Mark’s Eton mess was heaven! I haven’t had it before, but it was perfect to my taste and I was fully enjoyed creamy, sweet, delicious ‘Eton mess’.

We all had a such a lovely time partying to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee. Having a nice meal and a nice chat with nice people made me so happy that I’m always thinking about what a happy and lucky person I am. Thanks again for asking and inviting me to the party, Sue, Jillian and Mark!=)

Eujin’s notes of the CSV 🐶 
9 June, 2012 


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