Jubilee celebration with many friends from the 6 nations

Last Monday, I was invited to Mark’s flat for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebration. After Laura.M finished her work, she picked me up and headed to Mark’s house together. When we arrived there, many friends invited and were enjoying the party already.

Mark showed his room to me & Laura. He displayed items relating to the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and pictures in a corner of his room. Mark seems to put a premium on Her majesty the queen I think:-)

The party was really getting into full swing. Everyone laughed and talked a lot having party foods; Nachos, Crisps, Pizzas and Eton mess! Mark made Eton mess again and it tasted better than I had before at Share’s party. Mark said the reason is he put some chunks of chocolate with the berries this time and it probably makes taste better. Drink vodka with Eton mess? Sounds weird, but it was delicious and I really enjoyed Eton mess again:)

It was a really interesting gathering. Because many friends all come from different countries and we got the 6 nations: English, Irish, South Korean, South African, Scottish and New Zealander! We were in the global community, really!
All the pictures look so much fun and it showed how we enjoyed the party:) And personally I do like the first pic taken with Mark and Laura who are my lovely staffs at Share!XD

The Jubilee concert at buckingham palace was on TV at that time, Chris and Eloise sang and danced together to music. They spiced up the party, and we all enjoyed to watch their dancing with a joy and huge pleasant feeling:)
After that, we moved to Chris’s house and spent more time there with Mark, Chris, Eloise, Isabella, Mhairi and Katey. It was good fun, a really really good night. See you guys again!X

Eujin’s review of photos 🐻 
10 June, 2012



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