Pearl’s 50th Birthday Party

12 June 2012 (on Pearl’s 50th Birthday at Share House)

Last Tuesday(12/06/12) was Pearl’s 50th birthday. We threw her birthday party with back shift staffs(Sue, Mark and Jillian), also invited the next door Louise & Jackie.

Pearl was very bright and looked so happy on that day. Our Share staffs and tenants prepared something special for Pearl on her special birthday. And we had the CHOCOLATE CAKE for her birthday cake which is Pearl’s favourite!:p

Pearl opened her gifts and cards assisted by Sue. I’m sure she was blissful with the lovely cards & gifts from her lovely families and staffs:)
The dinner was set out buffet style with her loved and favourite foods(Sausages, Sausage rolls, Pizzas, Sandwiches and Crisps). After that, we all sang the “Happy birthday”song for Pearl to celebrate her 50th! I couldn’t believe she’s 50 and doesn’t look like her age at all. She just never ages I think;)

16 June 2012 (at Pearl’s 50th Birthday Party)

Last Friday, there was a big party for Pearl’s 50th birthday. All of our tenants – Allan, Alex, Judy, Yvonne & almost all of our staffs and many her families gathered at the party place.

Everyone got all dressed up and was happily waited to greet Pearl’s families. Pearl looked very nice and beautiful on that day as the hostess of the party.

One by one Pearl’s families began to arrive there and she gave a big welcome to them with lovely cuddles. Some of people seemed familiar to me because I’ve met them at Tracie’s 40th birthday party last month. Was very glad to see them again!

Her birthday cake was absolutely beautiful! Pearl was very excited and looked so happy when the “Happy Birthday” song began playing. Pearl was loved and blessed by many people:)

We all sang and danced around in excitement by celebrating Pearl’s birthday. It looked really nice and lovely that her whole family got together and enjoyed talks with each other. Whenever I attend family affair or something of a celebration, it makes me think about my family and friends in Korea and miss them a lot. But it was really good to share a happiness together at the party and I felt really happy to be with them:)

Again, a very BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Pearl Bradley and I hope she is always healthy and happy! Also God bless her family and all those troops around her:-)

Eujin’s notes on the CSV 🐶 
18 June, 2012 



  1. Michele forbes · · Reply

    Lovely Eujin. A beautiful memory of Pearls special birthday. X

    1. Yes, definitely Michele! Was such a beautiful day and was really memorable to me:)X

  2. Debbie McMurray · · Reply

    AWWW what lovely pictures of Pearls special day ,and you have captured her whole day beautifully !!!!! X

    1. Thanks, Debbie! Hopefully it will help to let Pearl’s families remember the special day as good memories:)X

  3. Tracie Welsh · · Reply

    Thanks Eujin for such lovely photo’s of Pearl’s special birthday, they look fantastic and thank you to all staff plus Judy, Yvonne, Allan and Alex for helping her celebrate.xx

    1. You’re so welcome, Tracie. It was our pleasure and was an amazing day for everyone including me:) I also would like to thank you to all your families for allowing me to have a lovely memories xx:)

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