The Summer Holidays in Prague(1st day)

I have been working at Share Scotland already for four months since I came here, so I got a first holiday for a week:) I’ve scheduled meet up with my friends in Prague, Czech Republic a few months ago. Cause Nahyun and I haven’t seen each other for two years, so always have been looking forward to meeting up together.

My flight was scheduled to depart from Edinburgh to Prague, so I had to go Edinburgh first. Unfortunately, there’s no direct line by train or bus from Glasgow to Edinburgh Airport, so I headed into the city in Edinburgh first then changed to AIRLINK bus heading for the airport.

After finishing Visa check and Security check, there was still plenty of time before boarding time. So I looked for the Airport VIP Lounge and there’s ‘Servisair Lounge’ near to Gate 4. The lounge was bigger than Dublin’s and they have a variety of foods, drinks, biscuits, fruits,,, and so on. There is a lot of time spent at the airport whenever I go to travel. Because I try to find the cheapest way to flight then I have to transfer to another plane and there is a time lag. So my ‘Priority Pass’ card which I can use over 600 airport lounges worldwide whenever I travel is really useful to me:D Anyway, I waited for my flight surfing through the net, having lunch and reading a book. Now it’s time to fly into Prague!!! Hooray~lol

Nahyun picked me up at the Airport by car with Youngmo, and we headed off to my accommodation first where a friend of Nahyun’s flat. Thankfully, she arranged place to stay here for me during my holidays in Prague. Because her friend is away for her trip and the flat is empty for a few days. How lucky I am and how kind they are, Thanks a lot indeed:)
Left my luggage in the flat then we went to a Nahyun’s family-run restaurant ‘Tokyo’ to meet her parents and have dinner. Her parents greeted me very friendly when I arrived and her mum made Korean food ‘Yukgaejang’ which is hot spicy meat stew. And many of side dishes tasted really nice like my mum’s cooking. I haven’t eaten like these foods(home-cooked food) since I came here four months ago, so was really glad to be able to eat them and could fully enjoyed everything on the table:)

After dinner, Nahyun and I went out to see a night view of Prague. In Prague, there is a tram road on the street and that made me feel different from Scotland where I live now. We walked to The Charles Bridge(Karlův most) which is a famous historic bridge that crosses the Vltava river in Prague, Czech Republic. when I went there, felt that little had changed in the intervening years since I’ve been here in 2009. They still have stunning views along the Vltava river and it brings more tourists to this area.

So many people packed a square due to the Euro2012, but had no idea which team was playing. Young people were enthusing about the game, so the street was full of energy and vitality. Interestingly, I found the British Pub near the square and they put up a sign with the St George’s Cross and the Union Jack in front of the store. Was glad to see them again by the fact that even I’m here in Prague:P
Nahyun and I met her friends for a while at a pub having a glass of beer. Then got back to home and finished a quite tiring day for me. The first day of my holiday got me off to a good start with a large help of my friend, Nahyun:)

Eujin’s review of photos 🐻
20 June, 2012


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