The Summer Holidays in Prague(2nd day)

On the second day in Prague, it was raining when I woke up. What??? Raining??? Jesus! According to the weather forecast, it should be sunny and warm here in Prague. Just waited and kept my fingers crossed till I met Nahyun during the morning. Fortunately, the weather has cleared up and I took my sunglasses as usual on a sunny day, hooray~;) Thankfully, Nahyun got a fresh Brioche for me from one of my favourite bakeries PAUL. On the way to meeting Gihye, really enjoyed Brioche on a tram. Thanks, Nahyun! We’ve got a plan to have a Samgyupsal(Pork belly) Party at Nahyun’s house. Met Gihye at a Supermarket and was so glad to meet Gihye in a year. We did grocery shopping for the party and headed to the house. Samgyupsal is a popular Korean dish. It consists of thick, fatty slices of pork belly meat (similar to uncured bacon). The meat cooked on a grill with sliced onions and garlic and is often dipped into a spicy pepper paste. Although I have been eating meat often in Scotland, this recipe is not common in Western culture I think. Many Korean really enjoy Samgyupsal(Pork belly) like this method of meat cooking. Really enjoyed Samgyupsal with Korean side dish ‘Kimchi’ and a traditional Korean fermented soybean paste ‘Doenjang’ for a long time. There was a Siberian Husky named ‘Hwarangyi’ at Nahyun’s house. He was gorgeous and so cute. Looked boisterous dog amused and couldn’t be still even for a moment:) I love large breeds of dog so he haunted my mind as soon as I saw him. I really want to own a dog these day as a dog lover!

In the afternoon, we left home and decided to attend a recital. There was a Violin recital which is kind of assessment at the University and it was a Pavel Kirs’s concert who is one of the friends of Gihye.

That was a nice classical music concert I’ve heard in a long time and it brought peace to me. It looked an important degree course for Pavel Kirs as the end of University term and many of his families attended together and encouraged him to play well. It was a good opportunity to enjoy classical music performed live thanks to Gihye’s help:)

After recital, we walked to the Charles Bridge and looked around the centre of Prague watching the sunset. We went and past by the bridge several times before though, it was full of excitement and vigorous place whenever I go there. And it was so beautiful to watch the sunset on the bridge, I will never forget the stunning scenery of Prague especially the view from above the Charles Bridge.

On the way back to home, there was a sound of fireworks from somewhere. We could see the display of fireworks on the bridge, and the night sky was lit up with fireworks. It’s been quite a while I saw the fireworks, so was very excited by watching that. We dropped by TESCO and did grocery shopping for our wee party. Before bedtime, Nahyun, Gihye and I talked over a cheerful glass of Gin and Tonic till late at night;) The second day of my holidays has been passed like that. night night!

Eujin’s review of photos 🐻 
22 June, 2012


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