The Summer Holidays in Prague(3rd day)

On the third day of my holiday in Prague, Nahyun, Gihye and myself went out for a tour of Prague. Nahyun and I’ve got a plan to visit Vyšehrad first while Gihye meet up with her friend, Minji.

Vyšehrad is a castle located in the city of Prague, Czech Republic. It built on a hill over the Vltava River. We got into the essence of the place, and took a walk through the huge, beautiful park that covers the area. Then beautiful scenery spread out before my eyes. Woooooooow!

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. There was not the highest place in Prague though, it seemed there is no end in sight. I was impressed by the bridges over Vltava and the Prague Castle and it was astonishing views over Prague, really! Besides, it was so beautiful and sunny day that I was more pleased than ever:)

Vyšehrad is also the cemetery. We could find the graves and memorials of the great Czechs, especially cultural figures – composers Dvorak and Smetana. When we passed by the cemetery, many tourists were finding the Dvorak’s memorial stone, which means there is a popular place to visit in Prague.

After seeing a stunning view of Prague at Vyšehrad, Nahyun and I headed to the restaurant ‘Mistral’ where Gihye was waiting for us. The Mistral Café is located in the historical center of Prague, in Josefov in the Old Town. A simple and comfortable interior gave me feeling of cozy and chic. And they were offering traditional Czech meals as well as interesting international recipes. It was hard to make a choice for my lunch;)

I chose a Salmon tartar for myself and Minji ordered Svíčková which is a typical Czech dish and one of the most popular Czech meals. Her dish was made of Beef sirloin in cream vegetable sauce with homemade dumplings and cranberries. I’ve never seen or heard of it, so it was very interesting to know the new thing I had never been aware of before. Minji offered me some of her dish and it tasted beautiful! I should have ordered the same one Svíčková for my lunch, mine was also really nice though;) This sure was a great lunch by having a nice chat with good friends!

After having a nice lunch, Minji took us to a Gelato shop where she had worked before for a while. She said, this shop has their own Italian ice cream recipe and uses natural ingredients, no artificial flavourings, colourings or preservatives. They have various kinds of flavours and once again it was difficult situation for me to choose one. Because I am a hardcore ice cream lover!:D

I chose two scoops of Vanilla and Mascarpone Cheese flavour. It tasted absolutely beautiful and I could taste and feel the texture of every grain of the real vanilla and Mascarpone Cheese! Their traditional Italian ice cream invoked me the feeling of happiness and satisfaction and made me smile. I have a craving for this gelato right now@.@

Then we went on a tour again to enjoy more the lovely sunshine. The weather was quite humid and hot though, obviously I thought that it was worth seeing and walking around the beautiful city Prague. Everywhere I went, could see and enjoy the picturesque scenery.

The streets were very busy and packed with people from all over the world. Everyone seemed happy and their steps were full of energy. I really liked that atmosphere which is full of youth and vitality.
I had fun on a date again thanks to my friends, Nahyun and Gihye. They gave me so much enjoyment and great opportunities to experience something new. At day’s end, headed off to bed with great expectation to the following day in Prague:)

Eujin’s review of photos 🐻 
25 June, 2012


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