The Summer Holidays in Prague(4th day)

It was the last day of my holiday in Prague. Nahyun got back to Prague from Dresden, Germany earlier than I thought. So we could meet up at the Vaclavske Namesti before lunch.

Went to the T.G.I.Friday’s restaurant with Nahyun and Youngmo(Nahyun’s brother) for our lunch. Youngmo and I couldn’t meet up and talk much during my holidays because it was his examination period at that time. Fortunately, there was an opportunity to have lunch together in his spare time. Youngmo and I also haven’t met each other for three years since 2009, so I was really glad to see him again after all these years=)
We ordered Steak, Pasta and Fajita and a large portion of dishes were set on the table. The T.G.I.Friday’s is a casual dining restaurant chain all over the world, so I’ve been there several times before in Korea and UK though, there was something different atmosphere and they has something their own style I don’t know how to feel about this, actually;) Was such a satisfying meal to fill up my empty stomach anyway;)

There was a market on the street and a number of shops were selling traditional homemade Czech foods to buy and taste. I was really full after having a big lunch, so couldn’t taste anything though, it was a delightful spectacle in the centre of town.

When Gihye was finished her part time job, we met up all together again. We pondered on what to do on the last night in Prague for me and it was difficult to make decisions about something nice plans;) Nahyun, Gihye and myself were walking around in city centre having a chat and making a plan for that night.

First, we’ve got a plan to have dinner at Nahyun’s restaurant for the last meal in Prague and her mum made a Korean traditional dish ‘Ddeokbokki’ what I’ve missed so much since I left Korea. Ddeokbokki is a popular Korean snack food which is commonly purchased from street vendor. Ddeokbokki is made by boiling Ddeok, meat, vegetables, eggs, and seasonings in water. It tasted a little spicy for me though, I was so happy that I’ve eaten Ddeokbokki in a long time. Another one of my favourite dishes Sushi was also beautiful, REALLY!:D

Before I came back to Glasgow, there was a specific Czech beer what I’ve really wanted to try. One of my friend, DU has given the beer ‘VELVET’ a big thumbs up and has strongly recommended me to try it if I have a plan to visit the Czech Republic. I’ve still remembered his mention and have found a pub with difficulty having beer ‘VELVET’. Because most pubs didn’t have that beer I don’t know why. Anyway, a pub TLUSTA KOALA which means ‘Fat Koala’ in Czech language was selling it, Hooray~! It tasted very rich and smooth indeed. It seemed to be similar to Guinness and was pretty much pleasant to my taste. That was the beer ‘VELVET’… I see..

After having a light drink, we headed to the Hilton hotel to went to the sky bar on Gihye’s recommendation. I was so excited to revisit there after three year’s absence, cause still I have so nice and happy memories at the Prague Hilton of offering great service as well as nice food. Although I didn’t stay over at the hotel that night, it reminded me a lot of great memories and I fell in reminisce. It was the first time to went into the sky bar and was so nice place. I could see the beautiful night view of the Prague through the windows and the drinks they provided were excellent at a reasonable price.

It was such a lovely night and I really want to thanks to Nahyun and Gihye for taking me to beautiful places in Prague for four days. It’s always a huge pleasure to meet them wherever we are and am really looking forward to meeting them in London or Scotland someday:) Once again, thanks a lot indeed for a great memories in Prague, Nahyun & Gihye!!! Hope to see you very soon XXX

Eujin’s review of photos 🐻 
30 June, 2012

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