The Tribute Nights at a Fairfield Club

Last Friday, Yvonne and Pearl had a plan to attend the Tribute Nights events at Fairfield Working Men’s Club located in Govan. Before I went there, I had no idea about Tribute nights. It’s kind of cabaret show and the singers act like some of the best known as the leader singers of the 60’s or 70’s bands – such as ABBA, Mowtown, Rod Stewart and Elvis Presley.

It looked like the event for the elderly.. ahaha;; Even I sometimes enjoy listening to the songs from the 60s, 70s or 80s though, I thought this performance was not for me. But the people looked very happy to listen and dance with the man who pretended to be Elvis Presley.

It was really nice and good to see that Louise and Yvonne happily enjoyed the show. Pearl also seemed to enjoy listening to the songs at first, but she is not a party person so got tired easily as usual.

The atmosphere in the club was really getting into full swing. Everybody got up from their seats and danced together. Yvonne and Louise also danced to Elvis’s great hits like “Hound Dog”:p

It was the first time to attend to the ‘Tribute nights’ and to see this type of performance. Was a very interesting and refreshing experience for me though, I couldn’t really enjoy myself. Because I’m too young to have fun with them+,+ BUT, I do liked listening to the Elvis’s songs and particularly liked the live music(like playing the saxophone).
After finishing the Elvis’s performance, we played Bingo game, but unfortunately we couldn’t win the game. Nevertheless, it was a good fun and Yvonne was quite delighted to the game. Got back to home by taxi around 11.00pm then I finished my work for the day, which was a quite long day lol

Eujin’s notes on the CSV 🐶 
08 July 2012  


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