Highland Fling Bungee for raising funds for SHARE & Enjoy wee drinking

Last Saturday(14/07/12), One of our staffs Mark and Laura have got a plan to bungee to raise funds for Share Scotland. I was on shift that day, so was accompanied them with Allan and Yvonne. Highland Fling Bungee jumping place was located in Highland Perthshire, Scotland and it took over one and a half hours by car from Glasgow.

On the way there, it rained on and off. Was worried about the weather in case their Bungee jumping got cancelled. But fortunately, the rain cleared off and the schedule went off without any problems. The only problem was Allan and Yvonne couldn’t see the bungee jumping, because they couldn’t go down the stairs in a wheelchair. We had no choice but to see it from the distance on the Garry bridge.

There were 7 Share’s staffs from each region in Scotland. They were participated in this bungee jumping as a fund-raising for SHARE. Their jumping time was previously scheduled at 2.00pm, but there was a delay in time about an hour. Around 3.00pm, finally seven nervous-looking people climbed up the platform! lol Michele, Chris and I waited them under the bridge, hoping the members safety and preparing to have their picture taken.

The time has arrived when Laura needed to jump 40m! I imagined myself I stood there and if I would be able to do it. At first, I never thought I could jump down from the bridge but now I have half a notion to go bungee jumping if I get a chance;p Anyway, I give a big hand to our staffs Mark and Laura for their courageous first attempt to bungee jump.

After getting back to Glasgow, Michele, Mark, Laura, Chris and myself headed off to Mark’s flat and had some food for dinner. Then went out for a drink and could met up with Conor, Hannah and Alastair. They are close friends of Mark and we’ve been thinking of meeting up together for some times past. Was really great seeing them finally and was really nice talking with Conor:)
It was a pleasant day that I was able to met with a new & great experience in so many ways. One final word is Thank You All!!!XD

Eujin’s notes on the CSV 🐶 
17 July 2012


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