Mini break in Northern Ireland(1)

On 17th of August. I took a mini break for three days in Northern Ireland with my closest friend, Rosie. Rosie and I’ve had a plan to visit Rosie gran’s house in Ballinamallard and had another plan to stay at her family’s cottage in County Donegal in Ireland.

Last Friday, after finishing the work, we met up at the Glasgow International Airport and headed off to Belfast! hooray~ The flight was only 20minutes from Glasgow to Belfast which was the shortest flight I’ve ever done. Rosie’s dad Charles and Rosie’s brother Daniel picked us up at the airport and headed off to Ballinamallard two hours away from Belfast by car.

The following day, the weather was beautiful which is pretty unusual in N.Ireland;) After had some Irish Bread(traditional soda bread in Ireland) for breakfast, Rosie, Daniel, auntie Erika and myself went out for a walk on Kern Hill. Oh! They have a gorgeous doggie, Lark and she was so lovely and was delighted to see me even I was a stranger. How lovely she isXD

Really loved to walk up the hill and it was very refreshing to see the green and feel the fresh air. Felt quite different from how I normally feel in Glasgow. All around the hill was completely covered with trees and grasses and it was green everywhere. Also could find livestock looked so peaceful on a warm sunny day.

On the way back to the house, walked through the Holly Route and the holly trees(for decorating the Christmas Tree) stand along the street. Even the fruits were still green though, I was pleasant to see them and just the thought of  the Christmas time made me excited!:D

After a short stay at gran’s house in Ballinamallard , we moved on to the County Donegal which is part of the Border Region and is also belongs to Republic of Ireland, not Northern Ireland. There was a cottage near the Bay of Donegal and it has been in Rosie’s family for a long time since her great-great grandmother.

To be continued in the next post…

Eujin’s review of photos 🐻
26 August, 2012


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