Mini break in Northern Ireland(2)

We all reached the cottage in Donegal after over a two-hour drive-through. I couldn’t have expected such a wonderful view over the sea with large and small irelands in County Donegal, it was awesome!

It rained on and off all day long, and because of that I could see a perfect rainbow a couple of times which was good. We took a coffee break and went out to the sea to fish. Even it was a wet and windy day, we are not people to be reluctant to give up the wet weather!;)

We got changed into our shorts and waterproof jacket just in case of getting wet in the rain. Rosie, Daniel, Caroline, Jonny and myself untied the rope and pushed the boat into the water. The water was freezing though, we had a great expectation of fishing, so the cold didn’t matter at all. Let’s go for it!!!

This was the first time to catch fish without using a rod and bait. I just used some fishing line and tied a hook on it. Then let the line dangle into the water and tugged on the line to set the hook when I get a bite. At first, I didn’t know the feeling on my fingers through the fishing line when the fish comes along. But I did gradually get used to it and finally could catch three fishes at one go! It was amazing! I’ll never forget the feeling at that moment!BD

After fishing, we looked around the beautiful small and large irelands on a boat. Charles showed the villages us by driving the boat and the view was absolutely stunning. When the boat closed with the sand on our way back cottage, Daniel rowed towards the land where our cottage is located and he was very skilled at rowing. Well done, Daniel!:)

When we got home, we had a warm ourselves up by the stove with some hot coffee and chocolate. Rosie’s mum, Sarah was cooking for us while we took a break for a while and then we really enjoyed lovely homemade Lasagne with a meaty sauce for dinner. Sarah’s lasagne was beautiful and it went very well with a glass of red wine. I couldn’t be happier than where I was the whole of the day, just at that moment! I was grateful just being there and really appreciated their kindness and consideration to me. Bless!

Eujin’s review of photos🐻 
26 August, 2012


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