Unforgettable Scottish 24th Birthday Party

This year(2012), I was returning to 24 years old again. According to Korean culture, we count one year old at birth, not a 0-year-old baby. So there is a year gap between Korean age and Western age. Anyway, my Scottish 24th birthday was absolutely amazing and was as good as my Korean one was last year.

Coincidently, I have the same birthday as one of our tenants Alex and he was honoured for his 50th birthday this year. To celebrating his big day, we got ready for the party by hanging a banner and blowing up balloons in the house. During the day I was working on a morning shift, we all celebrated Alex’s 50th birthday with many presents, cards and our lovely tenants Allan, Pearl, Yvonne:)

The weather was so beautiful that Pearl and I went out for a walk to the Bellahouton Park near house. It was rainy and gloomy all day long till just the day before my birthday though, luckily it was so warm and sunny outside that I was in a great mood. Pearl also looked very happy and pleasant during walked around the park.

After lunch, Michele called me from the lounge and our staffs(Sarah, Michele, Laura, Alan) and tenants(Allan, Yvonne, Pearl, Alex) gave me a surprise party for me. I’ve never thought that they had organised it to celebrate my birthday. I had no idea what to tell them as well as I was lost for words.

I must be the happiest person on earth. Even though I’m far away from home(my family and friends) for more than 5000 miles, I’m so happy because I have a lot of Scottish families and friends who care about me a lot here in Glasgow. I always think that I’m so lucky to come here 9 Midlock Street, Share Scotland.

After work, got a plan to have a birthday dinner with some of our staffs at a ‘Ingram Wynd’ restaurant. I’ve never been there before though, the ambience of the restaurant was gorgeous as well as the food. Dined in the chic restaurant, and enjoyed a pint of beer at an Irish pub with my best staffs… There was nothing I would like better! I appreciate all of their kindness and finally, I would like to thank all of my staffs, especially Sue, Mary, Helena, Michele, Laura, Mark and (Chris), who gave up their time to be with me on my special birthday night. Love you all! XXX

Eujin’s review of photos 🐻
2 September, 2012



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