Mum’s Holiday in the UK(1)

6th of September 2012, the much-awaited day has arrived. My mum had a plan to come to see me from Korea a few months advance. The time slipped by and finally I could see my mum in more than half a year!

What a wonderful reunification with mummy! When my mum came out from the International Arrival exit, I immediately ran to mum and hugged her. Was the most memorable moment for the last ten days!:)

Luckily, my best friend Rosie was in London at that time as well and she invited me her parents house for lunch. I had already met Rosie’s parents, Charles and Sarah and her brother, Daniel. Was so nice to see them again and they also gave me a hearty welcome. Had such a nice lunch all together in the beautiful back garden and enjoyed a social afternoon hour by chatting and swimming;)

Followed entertainment time after finishing the meal. Sarah also used to teach the piano for children until a few years ago like my mum! What a coincidence again!:D We all wished to listen to their playing the piano, and my mum was the first to play. She played ‘Für Elise’ which is one of Ludwig van Beethoven’s most popular compositions. And followed Sarah’s playing & Daniel’s trumpet-playing. I do like brass-wind playing especially Saxophone and Trumpet. Daniel has a talent for music and can play various musical instruments. What a boy!:)

Had such a lovely time at Rosie’s house and headed off to the City of Westminster, central London to check-in the hotel. Hilton Green Park London is located very near to The Green Park in Mayfair which has really good accessibility to get into a great central London. After unpacking in the hotel room, my mum and I went out to the Piccadilly Circus and Oxford Circus for a little tour. The streets were very busy and there were plenty of passers-by representing London!;) I really liked the atmosphere that is full of vibrant and cheery of the whole city. My mum really enjoyed herself as well and that made me so happy to see it:)

To be continued in the next post…

Eujin’s review of  photos 🐻 
21 September 2012


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