Mum’s Holiday in the UK(2)

The second day in London, the weather was so beautiful that I could even feel hot on that day which was good. I planned to tour the Central London first around Trafalgar Square, National Gallery, Buckingham Palace, Green Park and so on. I’ve already been there three years ago though, would like to take my mum to one of the area’s most popular spots in London for her.

Fortunately, it was the day when there was a changing of the Guard ceremony at Buckingham Palace. This colourful ceremony is one of the ‘must sees’ on a trip to London if we have a plan to visit Buckingham Palace, so I was glad my mum could see it just in time!;)

For celebrating the London 2012 Games, there were various programme of events in the Trafalgar Square. When we visited there, BT London Live is offering the public the chance to catch sporting action live on big screens and enjoy a great range of free entertainment. Also live music concerts were planned for every evening during the Games. Was really lucky to see lots of festivals around the city in London:)

Before going to see the musical Mamma Mia, mum and I stopped off at the Covent Garden. Whenever I went to Covent Garden, there are always vibrant street performance, the circuit is at its most impressive around Covent Garden’s Piazza. Also there’s plenty of places to pleasure our tastes such as Italian chocolatier, Real food market and loads of Bars, Delis and Cafes. I just couldn’t pass up that lovely places of sweets and chocolates, so in the end, large quantities of ice cream and chocolates satisfied my appetite fully. My happiness was irrepressible! XD

After seeing the Mamma Mia, mum and I crossed the bridge over the River Thames. There was another festival along the riverside called ‘Our Summer-long Festival of the World’ and it has been on from June. At that time, the ‘UNLIMITED’ event was on and it celebrates disability, arts, culture and sport and encourages disabled and deaf artists to push beyond their personal best alongside Paralympic athletes. The place had a lot to see and they host the real food Market as well. There were various kinds of dishes from all over the world, and we chose the Polish food & beer for a bite to eat.

Night was falling and the night view of London gave stunning views across the Thames. The lights of London Eye and London Swings went on as darkness gathered. Mum really liked a wonderful sight and kept saying that it was just a magnificent sight. Glad to see that my mum was extremely happy to be there. It sure was a really great day and we got bus back Scotland on that night. Bye London, Welcome to Scotland!

To be continued in the next post…

Eujin’s review of photos 🐻 
23 September 2012




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