Mum’s Holiday in the UK & Italy(4)

When my mum came to see me here, she really wanted to go somewhere in Europe. So I had planned to go to Italy and have got a plan to meet up with a friend of mine, Giorgia as well. Even we were on such a tight schedule, my mum was quite happy to visit Italy. Well, whatever then!;)

We got on a train heading to the Prestwick Airport at the Central station in Glasgow. Every time I ride in a train, always have some snack with me I don’t know why though. This time, without exception, got Maltesers, Haribo Jelly and Butterkist Toffee Popcorn – just my favourite things! Yay!;)

My mum looked very excited before boarding a plane, and she rightly so. Because it was the first experience to visit Europe in her life, and how could she’s not happy with lovely daughter!;) I was really glad as well to see my mum so happy!


The first destination in Milan was a Milan Cathedral(Duomo di Milano) which is the cathedral church of Milan, Italy. It is the fourth largest cathedral in the world and the largest in the Italian state territory. As the fame of it, as soon as I saw the huge and massive Gothic building, just captured nice. I knelt down and said a little prayer and it seemed calm me down for a while.

This was a very special experience for me as the first visiting to the cathedral in the prevailing religion of Roman Catholic country. Although it was a short call, was deeply impressed with the grandeur of Roman architecture and culture.

While I walked on the street around the Duomo area, could see a lot of monument and statues. The third of the photo above is the statue of Leonardo da Vinci where located in Piazza della Scala. The monument offers a solemn and austere image of the scientist and at his feet are four of his pupils. Around its base, visitors can admire the statues of the four disciples of the great artist and scientist. what an interesting tour in Milano!

Near Central station in Milan, mum and I dropped by a cafe to grab a bite before heading to Vicenza. I chose a type of Wrap sandwich with soft cheese, vegetables and chicken with cafe Americano as well. The combination of delicious sandwich and a nice cup of coffee was fantastic!XD Also, I was anticipating a pleasant with seeing Giorgia soon!

To be continued in the next post…

Eujin’s review of photos 🐻 
27 September 2012




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